Pham Van teaching summary for March

March is over, many people start writing to teach before teaching summary. The following is a summary of teaching work in March, Pham Van, if you do not know how to write summary of the work of teaching may be the appropriate reference.

Spring March, spring rains, the first month of the new semester, my class to carry out the work more smoothly., Completed the arrangements for the work of the Department of the departments.

First, individual summary report for March is as follows:

1.3 On 3 May, the conference room in the department office held by the school, fuses class dry session, the squad leader, deputy classes and group secretary attended the meeting and post-school classmates, discuss the psychological aspects .

2.3 3, statistics of the class-level situation forty-six .08 over the four years of CET in December, my class had six total of four students, three students Guo Siji. At present, my class There are 13 students did not pass the four exams, with nine students have passed the CET.

3.3 4 May afternoon, held its first classes this semester dry session, scheduled in March of this semester's work and more work.

4.3 9 1 # 402 in the afternoon held the first classes I would class, class teachers and counselors attended the meeting. The meeting, summarize the work of last semester, and arrange some of the work this semester.

5.3 月 10 afternoon in the new audio-visual multi-functional conference room, third floor of the teachers and students will meet our department, squad leader, group secretary attended the meeting. The meeting heard of the term party GUANGXI YOUTH LEADERS program, requiring all teachers good teaching program.

6.3 On 20 March, originally planned to organize class activities - collectively go out to eat buffet, but unfortunately due to a meeting of party members, activities are canceled.

7.3 On 23 March, the conference room at the department office held by the school, fuses first class service this semester briefing, report to the counselor class situation.

8.3 25 evening, my class a total of 10 female students participated in Student Union organized by the Department of the "talented woman teacher" forum.

9.3 27 afternoon, 20 students from my class to participate in the International Conference Hall on the second floor of the new audio-visual business credit management seminars.

10.3 31 evening, held in 301 # 1 Recommending Excellent League Members to join the party in my class the General Assembly, a total of three Recommending Excellent League Members object, all successfully passed the class vote.

Second, bumban current problems:

1. Absenteeism are serious, some students have been named the teacher.

2. Students to actively participate in activities decreased, passion is not enough.

3. Meeting late classmates serious, the concept of time is weak.

4. Class is more noisy speech is larger.

March and April of work: (real-time update

1. Collate student data collected in March (after admission to research, awards, hanging branches and other information, to do individual work plans in April

2. Carried out psychological education consultation

3. To contact senior Information Management professional brothers and sisters, planning to carry out the forum

4. Arranged and completed the task of main branch lines --- "promote the 'May Fourth' spirit of the pursuit of youth footprint" branch program planning group competition

5. Appraising commended for the work of the May Fourth Movement

6. Collection of his classmates to research, employment questions, and teacher consultation to find the relevant

7. Actively cooperate with the main branch and the branch Recommending Excellent League Members to join the party activists of the assessment work.

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