Pham Van School summary of the work in March

The following is a summary of the work in March, school essay, you sum up the work if teachers do not know how to write, may make appropriate reference to this article and summary of the work to master writing skills.

Teachers, fellow comrades, Hello everybody!

March is a relatively busy month of school work, school work is carried out in a more solid month. In the principal's office under the correct leadership, the joint efforts of all staff. The school's work steady and orderly, solid and efficient. It embodies the Jianhu high school staff and students face in high spirits, but also the fore a spirit of unity and struggle of all staff characteristics. now the recent summary report in March the following individuals:

First, the moral management of .1, and strengthened student code of conduct intensive management. Church and State in Canada Jen Wu, director of the lead organization, the discussion of moral education in 2009 detailed plans, objectives and implementation. Emphasized the "student code of conduct management "as the starting point. daily code of conduct for students to remediation, especially in the United Church and State Department and the security department on campus for students riding, littering and so on for the camera exposure, effectively changing the campus of the uncivilized phenomenon. Meanwhile, the political line is also under the Office of the President's views and formulate a <<Jiangsu Province Jianhu Management Manual High School students>> to make the request to the code of conduct "based on the possession, by virtue of punishment." thus reinforcing the student's daily .2 sense code of conduct, improved the organization of parents, schools and multi-channel management to strengthen the students. The most recent period, have held three grade parents, and parents will be further improved by the school parent organization. in the parent on the parents of all grades are to reflect the status of the students and the general state of mind, on ways and means of parent education students have carried out effective guidance. high-grade and senior grade of a classification also held a parents meeting set up for special objects specific help files. Grade One also combines the content of Parents Association, held a "thanksgiving education" class meeting, ask students to pay attention to the exchange of affection. These measures have effectively strengthened the management of multi-channel .3 students, increased health improvement efforts, to improve the health of the campus environment. Lands and first-line president in charge of the lead, held a staff meeting room school doctor, clear job responsibilities, and requires them to increase the campus health supervision, personnel two specialized organizations the health of the dead were school concentrate on cleaning up. to carry out clean-up two whole-school comprehensive remediation of environmental health on campus. and attention to maintain the environmental health conditions linked with the class teacher performance appraisal. so as to promote the school's capacity of school appearance greatly enhance the .4, pay attention to the use of innovative teaching methods, many side to strengthen the ideological education of students. high first-year students in the use of all the General Assembly, in recognition of the progress of a great student, informed some students of the discipline, and to allow very few students appeared in the General Assembly on-site lectures to educate the other students. attention to the use newspaper promenade, Qingming hiking sweeping, green messenger in the action and celebrate the sixtieth anniversary of the founding series of educational activities to develop the abilities of students, promote the national spirit and patriotism.

Second, the education and teaching.

1, the normal and orderly management of conventional teaching. Teaching around the "two valid" and started. All grades of "teaching five serious" very important. In particular, we will study together in Professor Chang and five seriously, after all grades are able to implement into practice five seriously. with county bureau of "upgrading the quality of education in" the vast majority of classroom teachers can focus on improving efficiency, good teaching program, attention to effective job training. In particular, some young teachers to Note change in classroom teaching methods, teaching methods of the update. Grade One part of the discipline of multimedia use, both note that the decomposition of course, also pay attention to the student active mobilization. by the students loved. Office of Academic Affairs of the Tour course record without a teacher absent or late for class. classroom teaching have not received a parent's complaints or comments. lectures conditions made greater progress than before.

2, the teaching is effective. The most recent period, all grades have carried out periodic testing. High school grades were on a test, and the help of the Office of Academic Affairs for a test on a statistical analysis of the situation. For big gap between the individual teacher sharing rate was up analysis. sophomore year with the "small college entrance examination", has organized a three week training students and a mock exam. on the level of academic subjects were tested line thoroughly, and clearly put forward "A red off D" work objectives. in full swing to mention excellent makeup job. also a special senior grade math teacher held a meeting of liberal arts classes, special study liberal arts senior grade mathematics teaching, school principals were also invited Zhao Zhengdong mathematics teaching guide, clearly set forth the specific requirements of liberal arts mathematics teaching. effectively promoting the teaching of liberal arts mathematics classes. Senior Grade participated in the organization of the county Department of Education exam, came out in a variety of data, has held several senior Department of the analysis will analysis of the teaching process gains and losses. on some weak subjects were analyzed. and learn to learn outside the disciplines concerned. of each group put forward a clear lesson planning requirements. strive to obtain entrance in 09 satisfactory results.

3, teaching supervision measures are effective. Recently, Office of Academic Affairs, Jiao Keshi on several occasions with senior Department of Education each year carried out supervision, combined with principal organization proposed license <<Jiangsu Province High School classroom assessment Jianhu Standard>>, preparing lessons for each grade of each group carried out a number of teaching a scientific assessment, and to all a good lesson planning group recommended a number of lessons, in the course of the three year public lectures observation and evaluation of the inspection, the language, Mathematics, English, High School physics, chemistry and other subjects of lectures is better, the number of full lectures, even though some teachers have a class conflict can also try to coordinate services to a class. When it comes conditions and supervision of student work, the ability to see the base year initial formation of the teaching of the basic characteristics with a certain pattern and system, preparation of the lesson preparation group on a collective classes are used under the second lesson preparation. It is particularly worth mentioning is that some young teachers also pay attention to the teaching postscript to add. High A sophomore physics lesson preparation group training, attention to practice with Buben synchronous operation method to increase understanding and application of knowledge to add elements to practice exercises to consolidate knowledge aftertaste. to promote the students ability. In High School "Little Entrance" the inspection, the feeling sophomore Yingkao atmosphere, although some services are more subject teachers of the class, but most teachers are not afraid not afraid of hardship can be tired, adhere solidly to do their teaching and counseling. for the small entrance The comprehensive victory in the best of its efforts.

Third, the logistics management. Logistics management has always been able to adhere to the "three" principle. Recent school greening and beautification of the campus environment to do a lot of work. First, clear the school to assist front-line health Lands dead, strengthen the school's greening pruning and management and protection work on the north side of High School Academic Building and the south side of the restaurant was green, planted with red flowers, where the health environment has changed. replaced the school's "Three Styles." Second, the completion of the basic project plastic playground acceptance, and asked people to design the Command Post, flag and flower beds and other building programs. of school buildings, water and electricity to conduct a comprehensive safety inspection. Third, the senior grade projector was replaced, and make the school stage replacement preparations. Fourth, the pilot course in the student restaurant window, and make the small entrance of the reception services High School preparation. all the work done are orderly, busy but not chaotic.

Fourth, problems .1, there are still some comrades not to work on time, several teachers on duty had not named the phenomenon .2 schools, job training, very few teachers mark is not timely, commenting is not operating properly. In students leaving a very bad influence .3, observation and evaluation are not in place, some subjects have to listen to without comment. makes teaching and research activities into a basket case .4, water safety should also increase the stress intensity. toilet leaking should attract attention.

In short, the most recent work is a methodical, step by step. The school's development is in a steady development of such an advance, I sincerely hope that all faculty and staff to build on our achievements and do individual work plans, to correct shortcomings, as the high school Jianhu make a greater contribution to the development and progress. Thank you!

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