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Long as a school, how to write summary of the work? Here is a summary of the work Liwen articles on school principals, for reference.

This semester my school at a higher level of leadership, care and support. Schools educating people and carry forward the pioneering spirit. A planned, step by step to carry out education and teaching. Reviewing the past semester, I now personally summary report as follows:

First, the moral guide, promote the standardization of construction, good moral work plan and summary

1, the school as a base for training personnel, training, what kind of person, which is very important to carry out moral education. Therefore, the school moral education on the important position of school work. In the course of work, we continue to self-improvement, self-improvement, in order to better consolidate the labor of creating strong, and we consider its own reality, developing the relevant regulations and measures, and further specifications. Morality and Style of the building. school organization members to conduct Advanced Education as a driving force to strengthen the party's cohesion. We also asked all Party members, teachers should be strict law century, King Kong love industry. grasp the pulse of the times, set a good sense of competition, sense of service. stressed the division is deep love understanding, respect, trust and inclusion students. In a people-oriented and educational thought of educating people love under the guidance of teachers, all of us can work to educating people on the first position. for students to respect, equality, democracy and care about. each class and subject teachers to lead by example, good role model for students.

2, students continue to carry out an extensive study in the party's "Seventeen" great spirit, the spirit of the Eleventh National People's Congress, the "Eight Honors and Eight Shames" education and to carry out patriotic, law-abiding, honest, polite modern civic education. Often use the school will, under the flag of the speech and the class team of personal training courses to enhance students, future ideals, values ​​of life, mental health education. Meanwhile, the development of the situation with the current affairs and Xinrenxinshi times the typical examples of teachers and students , to meet the needs of social development. so that students understand the importance and necessity of learning. To train students to become ideals, morality, culture, and discipline to lay a good foundation for the socialist successors.

3, do a good job to cultivate school spirit. Coordinate school health programs to carry out civilization class, sanitation and hygiene model and a series of activities, competitions, solid in all aspects to promote the standardization of teachers and students to develop, so that the school is basically formed a good faith , civilized and harmonious, safe campus. done better in this regard, three, four, fifth grade. all the teachers work done meticulous, effective.

4, good job class work. Basically, the formation of class and subject self-management, coordination and development, integrity and mutual assistance, hands-on situation. In the spirit of the semester the student teachers can be responsible for responsible parents, the school is responsible for the work of social responsibility and dedication responsible work. to pay close attention to the ideological education of the students do a good job. to do the conversion of poor students counseling.

5, actively carry out relevant educational activities. Our activities this term include: (1 to help Yi Lin donations Primary One students, teachers, students donated a total of 370. (2 "refusing snacks, starting with me" sign, ( 3 emergency safety emergency evacuation drills. (4 sixty-one organized a village primary school students and school garden activities.

Second, the construction of teachers do a good job.

1, this term changes in teaching staff small, relatively stable teaching force, the overall quality has improved. Teachers sense of service, ideal for responsibility, image, competence, serve as role models awareness, sense of integrity from teaching, teaching quality awareness, unity, coordination, a stronger sense of cohesion. teachers have basically formed a healthy work attitude. In carrying out the work can be proactive.

2, good teaching program, teaching and research to improve teachers manage to carry out teaching, the ability to control students. The actual term we integrate the school. Our young teacher in the school organization to carry out the demonstration classes, our school teachers in 12 weeks as from the Wang Yuezhen Teaching Area provides teaching and research Wuzong teaching site in the center of the school bell Ziyi "Success Stories" contest second prize in the wing. In addition, students also organized training centers to participate in school competitions held at the school, sixth grade Linqiao Hui, Suzi Wen students ( Zhong Ziyi instructor at the school at the center of the mental health Shouchao Bao Rong Competition second prize and third place respectively and third grade students Subin Bin (instructor forest flowers, Su Miaoxian fourth grade students (the instructor Liaoya Ying held at the school site in the center Calligraphy Competition second prize and first prize respectively Rong, Su Ting fourth grade students (the instructor Liaoya Ying, Lin Qiaohui sixth grade students (the instructor at Wu River in the center of the school's "ancient poetry" live recited game Rong won the second prize, respectively, and third place prize. Suzi Wen sixth grade students (the instructor Zhongchun An, Wang Yuezhen held at the school at the center of the "June" won first prize in singing competition. through more training in teaching and research activities and organize students to greatly improve our school teachers, teaching and research and organizational skills.

3, do a good job to carry out routine work. Standardized, orderly, coordinated and efficient is our goal to complete an important basis for the work. Therefore, we combine the work plan, do a good job of implementing various aspects of the job responsibilities of teachers re-clear, a staff Responsibilities requirements. the goal to be required of all teachers, time, quality and quantity, according to schools and higher levels of management to complete all the tasks assigned. We actively cooperate with the center of this semester I am teaching and learning in regular school inspections, appraisals and get such good times.

Third, the record to create safe, harmonious and good faith on campus

1, we integrate the school this semester actual investigation of campus safety risks, and strengthen remediation efforts around the campus. The sense of security responsibilities to the class teacher and the decomposition of the implementation of any of the work of teachers, so that every teacher a safety sense of responsibility. The school regularly out poster, class blackboard step up publicity. on traffic, swimming, food sanitation, electricity, fire and other educational guidance, education students to self-help, self-protection of the basic common sense. organize special education students to watch films and signature events, carried out an emergency security incidents experienced evacuation drills. to further strengthen safety education. Meanwhile, on holidays, we all notice requirements and issued a letter to parents and so on. to remind parents work with good safety precautionary measures.

2, law and education to enhance teachers and students. The school has always been to manage the school, according to the law applied consistently in the normal teaching work. Can persist in the beginning of the semester, school year have carried out the law of education, this semester we invited counsel to the Bureau of Justice education classes on the law, to use simple case, a profound education teachers, usually we will use the school, class team classes, under the flag of the speech and so on. strengthen education in this area. so that we can grasp the study of law, knowing law-abiding and so on. increase our awareness of the value of life.

Fourth, the shortcomings of the work and efforts in the direction of

Although we usually work very hard to do, but under the influence of certain factors, or failed to meet the target. The students thinking, behavior and services of individual teachers need to be strengthened. Educational ideas, teaching methods, work capacity, management and ethics, etc. that we need to continue to self-awareness, self-improvement. At the same time enhance learning, with the times. with the scientific concept of development, values ​​of life to deal with our work and do school work plan for 2010, we believe future joint efforts of everyone will be able to realize our ideals.

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