Teaching in 2009 concluded Fan

This article is summed up teaching in 2009 Pham Van, only you teaching workers. Summing up the work if we do not know how to write, you can gain insights from experience, summing up the work to master writing skills.
        Over the past year, can strictly abide by the 'primary and secondary school teachers in professional ethics' requirements, the implementation of Education, schools, work arrangements, in order to pay attention to reality, grasping solid work, seek practical results for teaching the basic principles in order to cultivate the innovative spirit and practical ability of students to focus on with a new curriculum reform as an opportunity to deepen the reform of classroom teaching, earnestly implement the lesson plan and implement teaching practices, is summed up a person's work over the past year will be reported as follows:

        1, conscientiously study and enhance their understanding, foster new ideas

        1, adhere to the weekly * learning and vocational study, closely surrounding the study and the new curriculum, building new courses, try new Shariah objectives, continuously updated teaching ideas. Paying attention to studying the new curriculum standards and build a new concept of combining organic. Through the study of the new 'curriculum standards', recognizing that the new curriculum reform is both a challenge and an opportunity. The theory to practical teaching work, emancipate your minds, enrich knowledge and enhance their ability to accept the new structure of a new quality of a wave of curriculum reform, the 'baptism'.
        2, by learning new 'curriculum standards', so to evolve their own understanding of the 'Everything for human development' teaching philosophy. Set a student's concept of democratic teaching and implementing the idea of constructing a new type of democracy, harmony and equality in teacher-student relationship, so that respect for the students personality, respect for the students point of view, recognition of individual differences of students to actively create and provision to meet the conditions of different students to grow and learn implement the concept. Student's development as a teaching and learning activities of the starting point and destination. Attention to the student independence and autonomy of culture and play, and has received good results.
        Second, teaching work

        Teaching is central to the work of school, but also is a key to success in the work of teachers. Over the past year, while adhering to do a good job of learning and application of new curriculum ideas at the same time, I have actively explore the educational laws, make full use of existing school education and teaching resources, bold reform classroom teaching, new teaching methods to increase the use of force, and achieved remarkable results , in particular in:

        (A) to play a leading role in teacher

        1, do a good job of teaching work plan, prepare lessons intensive. Usually careful study materials, multi-refer to the various types of information, and strive to in-depth understanding of materials, difficult to accurately grasp the key. In the development of teaching purposes, paid great attention to the students the actual situation. Lesson plans to prepare carefully, and constantly summarized the lessons learned.

        2, focusing on classroom teaching. Features targeted at the students to happy teaching, avoid Mantang Guan, adhere to the student, teacher-centered, teaching the main line, with emphasis on speaking practice. Pay attention to grasp what is important in teaching Overcoming Difficulties.

        3, adhere to the teaching of school to participate in research activities, and continuously learn from the valuable experience of others, to improve their teaching. Experienced teachers regularly to consult and regularly together to discuss teaching issues. Open classroom to listen to many times, so I made it clear the future direction and future lectures in the language lessons how to teach and how to tell.

        (B) to mobilize the enthusiasm of the students.

        In teaching children to respect the different hobbies, different life and different manifestations of feelings, so that they form their own different style, not uniformity. Conscious student-centered, teacher-led, through a variety of games, competitions, teaching methods, and fully mobilize their interest in learning and learning motivation. Nature and personality so that they can be free and healthy play. Provide students with visual, hearing, touch and to foster a creative way of thinking, change 'asked me to learn' to 'I want to learn', which greatly enlivened the classroom atmosphere, a corresponding increase of the classroom teaching effectiveness.

        In short, the past year, did some work, but also had some success, but the results can only represent the past, the work there are also some shortcomings, such as: student learning polarization, norms of behavior is not enough, in the future work of the , I must carry forward the advantages of doing individual work plans in 2010 to correct inadequate, and avoid weaknesses, and strive for greater achievements.
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