School work in 2009 Summary

Blink of an eye has reached the end of 2009, went to the school head was summing up the work of all time. Summing up the work the school how to write it? The following should provide Members with a summary of school work in 2009, only borrow you for reference.
        This semester my school at a higher level of leadership, care and support. Schools, educating people, promote the pioneering and enterprising spirit. A planned and systematic education teaching. Look at the last one semester, we mainly do the following work.
        1, to moral education as a guide to promote the standardization of construction, good moral work plan and summary
        1, the school as a base for cultivating talent, cultivate what kind of person, which is to carry out moral education is very important. Therefore, the schools to moral education on an important position at the school work. In the course of its work, we have ongoing self-improvement, self-improvement, in order to better consolidate the strong labor record results, we consider its own reality, formulate the relevant regulations and measures, and further specification. Strengthen the construction of their aspiration. School organization to the advanced nature of Party members to carry out education as a driving force to strengthen the party's cohesion. We also urged all party members, teachers should be strict legal discipline, King Kong love the industry. Grasp the pulse of the times, set a good sense of competition, sense of service. Stressed that the division is to understand the depth of love, respect, trust and inclusion students. In a people-oriented, with love educating people under the guidance of educational thinking, all our teachers are able to put the work of educating people on the most important position. The students respect, equality, democracy and care about. Each class and subject teachers to set an example and do the students set an example.
        2, continue to carry out teachers and students in the extensive study of the party's '17' great spirit, the spirit of the Eleventh National People's Congress, 'Eight Honors and Eight shame' education and to carry out patriotic, law-abiding, honest, chirye modern civic education. Regular use of the school will, under the speech and the flag squad lessons to enhance students personal self-cultivation, the future of ideals, values of life, mental health education. At the same time, combined with current events and the development of the situation Xinrenxinshi a typical example of teachers and students with the times, to meet the needs of social development. Enable students to understand the importance and necessity of learning. To train students to become ideals, morality, culture, and discipline of the socialist successor to lay a good foundation.
        3, do a good job to cultivate ethos. Good school health work plan to carry out civilized classes, cleanliness and sanitation pacesetter series of activities including competitions, solid push standardization of various aspects of teachers and students to cultivate, so that the school is basically formed an honest, civilized and harmonious, safe campus. Do a better job in this regard there are three, four, fifth grade. All teachers work in a careful, and effective.
        4, grasp their class work. The class teacher and Koren basically formed a self-management and coordinated development, good faith mutual aid, hands-on situation. During the semester the teachers can be based on the students responsible, parents for the school is responsible, socially responsible work of a sense of responsibility and enterprise work. Will pay close attention to the ideological education of the students do a good job. Underachievers do the conversion of counseling.
        5, actively carry out relevant educational activities. This semester we have embarked on activities are: (1) to help students in first grade Yilin donation activities; school teachers and students contributed a total of 370 yuan. (2) 'refusal to snacks, from what I starting' signature; (3) emergency safety emergency evacuation drill. (4) 61 have co-organized by the village committee and the school activities of students visit a park.
        Second, do a good job building the contingent of teachers.
        1, this term changes in the ranks of school teachers less teachers relatively stable, the overall quality improved. Sense of service of teachers; ideal responsibility, image, competence, teachers and consciousness; clean from teaching awareness; teaching quality awareness; unity, coordination and a stronger sense of cohesion. Teachers have basically formed a healthy work attitude. In carrying out the work can be proactive.
        2, do a good job of teaching the work plan to carry out scientific research to improve teacher education master teaching the students the ability to control. This semester we integrate the school's reality. We are young teachers in the school organization to carry out the demonstration class, my school was 12 weeks, from Wang Zhen Wu Zong Teaching Area teachers to provide teaching and research in the teaching field, Zhong Ziyi at the Center School 'Success Stories' Award-wing activities, second prize. In addition, students also organized training centers to participate in school competitions held at the school and sixth-grade Lin Qiao-hui, Su Zi Wen students (tutors Zi-Yi) held at the school at the Center for Mental Health Shouchao Bao Rong competition second prize and third prize respectively in the three Subin Bin grade students (tutors wood flower), fourth-grade classmate Su-Miao-yin (guiding teachers Liaoya United Kingdom) held at the school site in the center calligraphy competitions, second prize and first prize respectively in wing and fourth grade students and Su Shih-ting (instructor Liao Ya-ying), Lin Qiao Hui sixth-grade students (tutors Wu River) held at the school at the center of the 'Ancient Poetry' on-site recite the race wing second prize and third prize respectively Prize. Su Zi Wen sixth-grade students (tutors Zhong-an, Wang Zhen) held at the school at the center of the 'six. A' singing competition won the first prize. Through the above training, teaching and research activities and organize students to greatly improve my school teachers, teaching and research capability and organizational capacity.
        3, do a good job to carry out routine work. Standardized, orderly, coordinated and efficient is our goal to complete an important basis for the work. Therefore, we combine the work plan, do a good job of implementing the various links for teachers to redefine the job responsibilities, staffing requirements of a job duty. The purpose so that all teachers can be required, on time, according to the quality, quantity, according to schools and higher levels of management to complete the tasks assigned. We actively cooperate with the Center School this semester of my school to teach the routine inspection, appraisal, and other times get good.
        Third, create a safe, harmonious and good faith on campus
        1, this term we integrate the school's practice, both within and outside the campus safety investigation of the risks, and strengthen remediation efforts around the campus. Decomposition of the duties of safety awareness and implement the class teacher and any teacher's work, so that every teacher to establish a secure sense of responsibility. School on a regular basis out of the wall newspapers, the class blackboard step up publicity. On traffic, swimming, food sanitation, electricity, fire prevention education, guidance, education students in self-help, self-protection of the basic common sense. Organization of special education students to watch a film and a signature campaign to carry out the security incidents encountered in the emergency evacuation drills and so on. To further strengthen the safety education. Meanwhile, the holidays, we all notice requirements and the issuance of a letter to parents and so on. Like to remind parents to do with the safety of a hedge against the work.
        2, strengthening the rule of law education of teachers and students. Schools always manage the school, according to the law to teach Guan Shi in peacetime work. Can insist that the beginning of the semester, school year are to carry out the law of education, this semester we invited the lawyers to the Bureau of Justice law and education classes, to use simple case, a profound education, teachers and students, usually we have also used the school will, of course team classes, speech under the national flag and so on. To strengthen education in this respect. So that we can grasp the study of law, understand and abide by the law and so on. Increased our awareness of the value of life.
        Fourth, the work of the deficiencies and directions
        Although we usually work very hard to do, but under the influence of certain factors, or failed to achieve our goals. Student thinking, behavior and services of individual teachers needs to be strengthened. Education concepts, ways and means of teaching and working ability, management and ethics that require us to continue to self-awareness, self-improvement. At the same time enhance learning with the times. With the scientific concept of development, values of life in dealing with our work, good work plan for 2010 schools in the future, we believe that our joint efforts will certainly be able to achieve our ideal.
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