Seventh grade class next semester work summary

This semester at school arrangement, I served seven grades (3) homeroom teacher work a semester, I work with the school's overall objective moral guidance for the direction of their class work, adhere to the educational work on class work in the first place In order to build itself into a class with a good learning atmosphere, there are strong cohesive class group, come to my class this semester habits of education, quality education, supplemented, are summarized as follows:

First, actively carry out all the preparations for the beginning of school and the necessary work to stabilize the students' emotions.

Because it is from a primary to secondary school students, their school life has a beautiful dream, but also a slight sense of fear, even worse, some of the students enrolled in the sand and upset, some students have lost or emotional or resentment. Due to various reasons, I think it is stable student unrest beginning of the school vital work, so do some soothing and encouraging work:

1, the above excellent results in the test session motivate students.

2 to celebrity personal struggle deeds set an example to the students.

3, the distinction between primary and secondary schools of the similarities and differences, to familiarize students with school life, eliminate fear.

4, open class meetings "on the same starting line," inspiring students.

Second, with the Church and State Department do a good job grooming of students, in order to rectify the class spirit.

Student's mental state for a class of good class atmosphere and style of study plays a key role in the formation, so start grooming on a firmly spanking, do not be tolerated on the defaulter, which has a multiplier future work effect.

Third, class management class leadership selection and orderly conduct of the work.

A new class of construction, it is important to choose the right Banwei a link I selected through two channels: First, refer to elementary school students in the information; Second, by the beginning of school observation test.

Deepen the quality of education, let the children themselves masters. Should allow students to self-Auto, engage in their own activities, their own thing to do, and even their duty cadres participate in classroom management. Allow students to have their ownership rights So Banwei selected, so that they work better class of diary entries from discipline, health and other aspects of management classes and I fully let the kids when their own home, make your own master, received very good results .

Four, love with each student.

Moral education in schools implementing an important part of quality education, which runs through the whole process of school education and students' daily lives. Called underachiever, a manifestation of poor academic performance, a manifestation of backward thinking and behavior is poor. Eugenics opposite And between eugenics and compared between underachievers Average - Since Average - all the collective impact of poor performance, as the person's normal psychological reaction, they will suffer varying degrees of teachers and students out in the cold, thin to be even discrimination. Such is the result of education underachiever worse. teachers are disseminators of human culture, for the continuation and development of human society, plays a role as a bridge, the great seventeenth-century Czech educator Comenius been recognized before, "We contribution to the country, where there are more than teach youth and youth education better and more great too? "turn China for thousands of years, you will find good people, has always been the" teacher "and" Heaven and Earth Kimichika "enshrined in the Together, as noble and sacred. "educational needs love, but also to cultivate love without love is death education education education can cultivate love is a failure of the education." this educational famously tells us that love is education Life is to educate the catalysts, lubricants and adhesives. quality education for every educator put forward higher requirements, that is, students must be fully in love. "everything for the students, for students of all, for all Students. "This requires a mind of every teacher of love, with the heart to hard hearts, so that every child deserves the love but also because there is this understanding, I have done a lot from the beginning of the school's ideological work . thus won the recognition of the kids and I love them from the heart.

Fifth, there is a lot work unsatisfactory.

Since there is no more time to communicate with students, some students adverse behavior, although able to give a timely reminder, education, but for students with poor self-control is still not completely stop signs that bad, so they can not always better job of class work and feel very guilt and anxiety.

With class, despite the various aspects are very aware that strive to strict, to ground, to love cure class, but the class is still there are some unexpected things, there are still some weariness among students, or too naughty have occurred.

Face problems in the future I will continue to the homeroom teacher with experience you learn from each other, upward mobility; facing the students, I would be turned into a spring rain, always nourish their healthy growth.!

Teacher Work Summary