Pham Van summary of the work reflect on teacher training

After teacher training, I see the emergence of cases of online classroom, the teacher's response, experts explain, so I gained a lot; it enriches my knowledge, to fill the blank spots and blind me. For the former case, and we need to think and reflect, rather than throw away trash. 'Learning without thought is labor lost, thought without learning is perilous,' ancient Chinese thinker and educator Confucius left us a phrase philosophy statement, also in today's educational career, we should also 'education' and ' thinking ', especially the' reflection 'combine' unreflective experience equal to grow. ' Teacher's self-reflection from the ideological and moral qualities, knowledge, psychology various aspects:
First, as a teacher, I should reflect on their own ideological and moral education is love; whether the courage to take responsibility; whether you can love and to care for each student. Knowledge quality, the teacher should reflect on whether they have extensive knowledge of literacy, whether lifelong learning and innovative ability, the ability to use education to scientific theory to solve the students thinking, learning, behavior and other aspects of the problem. Psychological aspects, reflect on their own whether to consistently pursue their goals in life; for trivial daily educational work is full of the spirit, the mind is clear.

Second, in daily life, to reflect whether I care about each and every student to truly respect each student. Class management class in the process, in essence, between teacher and students, a two-way process of emotional communication. Only by respecting the student's personality and self-esteem, equal treatment of each student in order to enable students to study and live in pleasure and sense of dignity and intellectual potential of students to be fully developed. Teacher exactly how to respect students do? First, we must ask themselves whether they really love the students. Love is the basis of respect, if left on the student's love and respect can only be false form; Only heartfelt love to have a real respect. Inevitably classroom for students with mental retardation have poor student academic performance has been isolated and rejected students, students at fault, there are serious shortcomings and deficiencies of the students, and even students and their own disagreements. If the teacher does not exclude that they can accept, is love, is respected. Secondly, laughs at himself first, one finds the mistakes of others easier than finding their mistakes, while others wronged themselves than simple review. Some teacher many times a student's mouth can tell a lot Disadvantages: lack of discipline, lack of respect for the teacher, the job is not done carefully, self-centered ...... Imagine if the class teacher and students can stand in a position of equality on the first look at yourself: if the students in education and as we look into equal human beings? If you are in the position of their students on how to do? ...... Want a good look at these issues and then the students, the class teacher in the eyes of some of the problems may not become a problem. Again, in-depth understanding of the connotation of respect: Respect is not obedience indulgence, nor is it simply to the students face. Students of the 'no', you need to be more teacher and student in the classroom under a separate communication, open-minded students. While educating students to comply with the rules, students sense of responsibility, it is deeper respect for the students performance.

Third, in the class work, I also appeared a number of shortcomings, such as a student's ideological work quick success, like in a very short period of time, change some of the students, each student is not the case for the remedy, but with some of the more single, rigid approach, are often counterproductive situation; psychological activities for students to master not in place, so the summary of the work, working together and sometimes more difficult.

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