2013 Middle School teacher work summary essay

One semester passed quickly, in leadership and classroom teacher's help, the successful completion of the work, has made ​​some achievements, gains and losses, is now working on the last semester summarized as follows:

I. classroom school education, teaching the most basic organizational unit, and the class teacher is the leader of this unit, organizers and managers, class work is to create a work of students of the soul, the creation of a good teacher for the class group, and comprehensively improve quality of students, cultivate students' sentiments, cultivate all-round development of talent, has a pivotal position and role. I took this class before the third year, the first class to understand the situation. Basic situation: my class is top class, a strong culture of learning, academic performance is better, but there are too few students to self-superiority, pride emotions constantly grow and sophomore because of classes, many students from different classes, resulting in lack of cohesion of the class group. a cohesive collective matter what the situation will be very good. Enter a new collective, students are independent, not through a number of activities, not through mutual exchanges, it is difficult to make them as a whole. Strengthen collective ideas, in class activities, and students in conversation, verbal is often linked to our class or our school how to How to establish what image. And this collective image and our students every individual behavior is closely related to, in order to develop students' concept of collectivism. I seize these opportunities for such a situation, some more group activities, such as inter-class game show., Fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the students, and enhance the cohesion of the class.

Two. Attention to students' psychological needs for senior high school students are also particularly important. Teacher should become a student of the mental health doctor. Because class itself has a highly favorable conditions, a sense of distance from the interaction is much smaller, and better able to get the students' psychological resonance. Middle School academic pressure, decompression problems has been my greatest concern, of course, no trace of educational needs, conscious but not very deliberately. Certain extracurricular activities can play the role of decompression, the so-called relaxation Youdao truth is precisely this. On the one hand, through the contending classes angular paste some decompression method; usual class meeting focused in various ways to give students a space to display your talents, more so in the third year of study in a limited familiarity accelerate and enhance classroom cohesion after each monthly exam and students should talk to, care for and encourage them so that they can enhance self-confidence.

This job class is a very delicate task, which is full of hard sweat, but also full of temptations. After the road is still long, into the 21st century, society higher quality requirements for teachers, teaching work in the future, I will be more strict with themselves, work hard, promote the advantages and correct shortcomings, forge ahead for a better tomorrow sacrifice their own strength.

Teacher Work Summary