Young teacher Pham Van summary of the work

As a young teacher, I always want to take a class in a class have a good class atmosphere, students learn in this life and grow up healthily, fun, school teachers, with immense interest, fun, class management easier, fun. efforts to build a democratic atmosphere of equality, so that each student in this class when their home, everyone loved her, thinking about her all the time, with her honor and disgrace, I feel the same hardship. the following aspects.
First, the teacher should put down the dignity of the shelf to enable students to truly feel inside the collective in this class, the teacher is one of them, and they are equal, the teacher should first show that this view and tell the students in this group , the teacher is the only leading pack it, say it should do so. class event we make a decision, and then a collective decision, not dictatorship, lost people to the pursuit of a so-called majesty, such as the formulation of class rules, we make plans then a show of hands, once a system is strictly enforced. execution, everyone is a ruling class cadre or class teacher implementation so, who do not want to violate the provisions to make their own, even if the breach of the rules. willing to be punished and strive to make fewer mistakes. Slowly, the students of consciousness, the collective sense of honor will be formed in virtually.
Second, the class teacher to be a balance. Equally on each student, care about each and every student that does not favor eugenics, ignoring poor students, which is a vital part of the class work. Teacher in the management process, eugenics guilty of the rules, to be dealt with severely, psychological vulnerability of poor students, itself an inferiority complex, but also the most likely to make mistakes, and thus the process of doing things, should not hurt their self-esteem, calmly reasoning education, have the patience to guide them is the best way once they usually pay more into their wee bit of progress to be strongly commended, they rediscover his confidence another class, both men and women, regardless of the pros and cons, the class teacher should proceed from the study of life, ideology and other aspects to be concerned. heart-to-heart communication, the use of the class meeting to resolve some of the contradictions, read some good articles to guide efforts into their lives, for their thoughts, and then went into his mind. thus the teacher to play multiple roles of good teachers, friends, parents, etc. , and only this will win the respect of the students, rely on, form a powerful class cohesion.
Coordination subjects balance, equality and other subject teachers. Teacher is a class of the main bone of heart, let students re main subjects, light subjects, respect for the master teachers, ignoring the small teachers, it is also important this balance work first class teacher should have a correct guiding ideology student views of students on the reflection of the subject teachers, subject teachers, class teachers to keep abreast of, bridge and lubrication economic role to play in the middle, and to persistence, especially require students to the equal on science and education as a teacher, not because of their own likes and dislikes and have a preference. This is not only learning, but also a cultivation and moral issues. students to respect teachers of all subjects, teachers happy walked into the class, the learning effect can be imagined.
Fourth, the class teacher teach by example to explain in words, love this house. Now increasingly high demand on teachers' personal qualities, the words and deeds of a teacher, the students personality character is having a profound impact, therefore, to take a bunch of ideological both simple and complex, assertive not any strong-minded young people, the class teacher should do a model of large-scale activities such as class, the class teacher enthusiasm into it, trying to strive to work together with the students to create feats damage to the class, the teacher must have the courage to bear responsibility, not blindly blame the students, on the contrary should be encouraged or correct guidance. classes affairs, they can do hands-on efforts to do the ground scraps of paper, desk furnishings, walked into the classroom students are conscientiously study , curved waist, moving hands, rub, drag a drag, students look in the eyes, it will naturally creep silent theory. avoid indiscriminate criticize and find fault with some.
In addition, the teacher from the bottom of my heart love this family, love every member of this students would effectively form a self-discipline, and imitate whatever for the class to do a thing. Often students in our class for the class finishing lesson table, collated lectern help the teacher even if the teacher is not the class are regulations as from the distance, cool heart pleasing to the eye. especially some students made a mistake, will take the initiative came to me to admit that I will praise him, because He has to know and the courage to admit, naturally not committed with the students help each other learn to live peaceful coexistence, in a relaxed atmosphere, this is our common ideal time I conduct opinion polls, there is one such wrote: proud of my classes, I do not want to do any harm to her things even though my grades were not good, but when I turn on duty, I will recognize the serious classroom clean clean! I'm so touched!
As a young teacher, I do not enough, the future still have to go with an open mind to learn.

Teacher Work Summary