The successful teacher summary of the work of the updated concept

A successful teacher, first demonstrated its behavior is characterized by: love the students, for the growth of the students devote body and mind, to do their class work., In practical work, the teacher should take what basic patterns of behavior in line with their own role? class work process, I think the teacher should strive to do the following:

From a management point of view, the essence of the class work is in accordance with the intended purpose, according to certain principles, procedures, methods, tools, people, and things in class planning and regulation and effective planning and regulation, must be established on the basis of the understanding of classes and students and research. as Russian educators Ushinski said, in order to educate people from all aspects, from all aspects of understanding has proved, the class teacher to go into the lives of students, is conducive to a comprehensive understanding of students' ideological outlook, mental status, health status, life experiences, personality traits, hobbies and living environment is conducive to master class appearance, characteristics and basic tendency to develop practical education programs.

Meanwhile, in daily contact with students, it is a timely grasp the dynamic of the class, the new class of favorable and unfavorable factors can at any time be specific guidance and control.
Teacher all day and dealing with students the one hand, in the process of understanding the students' conversation can make up for the lack of Grossly, to broaden access to student information channels, to avoid the understanding of the students in the process of "halo effect", on the other hand, talk in process of persuasion, education students can receive consolidate and strengthen the students knowing and effect.

The education process is a Xiao Li, and emotionally guided process management exposition, the expression of love, guide line, often with the aid of language "medium". Competent teacher are all a lot of verbal communication with students they or timely convey to the students the latest information at home and abroad, and guide students to discuss, or the proposed sensitive to the problems of life for the students to think about, useful advice, or showed the positive attitude of the students and to affirm and to students happenstance artistic treatment and clever boot ...... these students' ideological, moral, learning, life and other aspects of the ubiquitous, all-encompassing "persuasion" rather than empty talk, the influence of the role of infection There are many and great, must not be taken lightly.

Teacher to class has a unique personality, in the evolving real people, molded into a new person to comply with the requirements of society, it is necessary to give the most creative and highly complex labor, therefore, start the machine, ground in thinking is the soul of the work of the teacher.

Class teachers need to think about the content of a wide range of different ranges, can be divided according to different criteria for clues to class work process, it is necessary to think about how emotional material master students in the natural state, analysis, study its hidden nature and characteristics of but also to think about what ways, means, methods, and to implement effective education and guidance to educate the objects for clues, it is necessary to consider the class of common characteristics, but also taking into account the individual differences of students to educational goals as a clue, it is necessary to consider the class vision, integrity, but also consider the close-range and localized for clues to the content of education, comprehensive thinking students must understand the "big deal", but also take into account the specific study, work, real life.

Seen, all the work of the teacher can not do without the active participation of the brain, otherwise, their education can only be a dead dogma, or subjective, arbitrary, the lack of science and art in practical work often this phenomenon, the same class, the same student or the same event, in the hands of the teacher education and processed in different ways, the effect is also not the same, although a certain relationship with teacher qualifications, knowledge, but the teacher students "intentions" level, and the resulting differences in educational experience, education, art, also contributed to this phenomenon is an extremely important factor.

Mencius said: "Heart of the official thinking, thinking of, do not think you must not also" class work although the rules to follow, but the object of education of thousands of poor side. Class teacher only distinguish between different situations, a full range of dimensional thinking, so much thought, think twice, to find open each "lock" the "key" to improve the efficiency and success rate of their class work. present, China is accelerating the reform and opening up, the establishment of a socialist market economic system, the new historical period, the ideas of the object of education, moral consciousness, psychological, personality as the situation develops with varying degrees of change, the class teacher to grasp the trend of the times, constantly updated concepts of education, education content and teaching methods, the use of interdisciplinary and related disciplines relevant theory and the latest scientific research and education phenomenon, to guide educational practice, should be adept at "lateral thinking", by analogy and experience of migration, in order to learn from other areas, and explore class work of the new law.

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