The sophomore grade teacher semester summary of the work

A semester later, looking back at the past work, full of challenges, bitterness and meet a semester of hard work, the joy of harvest, also inadequate and regret, lessons learned, which will help future work, are summarized below:

, Strengthening routine management, develop a healthy collective, to lay a solid foundation towards the third year

1, strict attendance, strengthen management, morning, noon, night in time to the classes supervision the case of students, to prevent sticking. Seriously implement the provisions of the school, found the problem, at any time to solve.

2, increase the intensity of training students autonomous self-care ability. Conversation and a variety of ways, pay attention to guide students to educate themselves, so that students on the basis of self-awareness initiative, and gradually form a good quality of thinking and behavior; note self-management, how to guide students to cultivate their abilities in various.

3, the effective use of class meeting every Thursday. Both carry out a number of thematic activities, learn about safety knowledge, learning from Lei Feng activities arranged by the school programs; also organized according to the actual situation of the bumban "way of doing things." class meetings, the students all aspects of education. confidence education, study habits, develop education, learning experience-sharing sessions, Thanksgiving education, these activities have contributed to the good style of study, the formation of the class atmosphere.

4, selecting class cadres, training activists.

I selected from the students academic achievers, upright style, concerned about the collective, some organizational skills, students have a certain prestige students as a class cadre the class cadre selection, I give guidance, bold use of stringent requirements, strengthen education usually carefully observed and training activists to expand the state-of-the-art surface, the more outstanding students as a class cadres, get exercise and attitude on the part of the work was not serious enough, the ability to work students be removed from office through a multi-semester efforts to gradually develop a number of work ability, sense of responsibility, high prestige class cadres, and further promote the improvement of the class atmosphere style of study.

Second, do a good job learning center, forming a good learning atmosphere

1, to establish a good classroom discipline and order to guide students to learn to understand the teacher and respect for teachers and labor, to class, serious notes, after-school complete the job seriously. Study members and class representative and head of the stringent requirements from all aspects of coordinating work, such as job layout, early study hall arrangements, pre-class preparation, job supervision and inspection, to effectively reduce the heavy labor teacher to guide students in the classroom to listen carefully, and good study habits attributed to twelve criteria, so that students develop good study habits.

Develop students to concentrate on learning the habit of self-study courses, or teacher in the class, prohibit students to discuss with each other, gossiping, look out the window, otherwise, be severely criticized.

3, and resolutely put an end to the phenomenon of not doing homework, the day things day to complete, and often finishing time job, improve the speed of students' work and usual the student Jiangqinfalan, stringent requirements in the review stage, actively cooperate with the classroom teachers counseling students to carry out the review, students good learning attitudes and habits.
4, establish the class to learn from the students to the class academic excellence in his learning, and guide them to establish a short-term objectives and long-term goals, and enhance the sense of competition. Often learn appraisal, reward work.

Third, the shift dual hard work for poor students

Class students is characterized by polarization: polarization results, ideological polarization, especially dual poor students more so to manage this class, the first and foremost task is how to play a top student role models to educate poor students, students individualized, batches centralized guidance education students capital letter I is divided into four types: Double Excellence Health (ideas are good results), Average -, poor academic performance, dual-poor students.

Of this semester, I spent a lot of time and effort in those two poor students who they not comply with school discipline, which is the place of discord among the normal teaching order in the early going to night classes disciplinary education, some discipline more serious, continuous tracking education, some students does appear to be a welcome change, reassuring, but one or two still difficult to change the two some students weary, glad to listen to a few, pleased to tell the truth, sleep, learning is a perfunctory attitude. several students every day is an empty shell, sitting in a classroom, but the soul does not know where the drift.

Although every student discipline, love of learning, but the result is not always so satisfactory a lot of efforts for the construction of this class, but there are several unmotivated students, have not been able to effectively stimulate their morale, it also makes me feel tired and helpless.

In short, this semester, through the efforts of more than a few aspects of their class work than to carry out is quite smooth, the overall quality of the students in the continuous improvement, but the problem still exists in the student can not be ignored, Middle burden to go The work will also complicated, Therefore, it requires my constant efforts, hard lessons learned in a timely manner, for a more brilliant achievements.

Teacher Work Summary