How to Write a class teacher work summary

Summing up the work the work of class teacher is the class teacher reflection on practice. Management class teacher written summary of education for teachers who have accumulated experience and improve the management level and educational achievement of great significance. ]
        How, then, written summary of class teacher do? To write a valuable summary of the work, the class teacher should pay attention to 'four bogey'.
        1. Words no 'It', the contents of the work of summing up empty This is the class teacher often a mistake. This summed up simply to list some of the views of the class teacher in the evaluation of the abstract only in general terms, full of generalities, lack of basic facts and typical examples of the synthesis, said convincing. Therefore, the class teacher in addition usually focus on the accumulation, it should also concluded prior to class cadres, students, Teacher, Church and State Department, more information, a comprehensive collection of material related to the work of the class teacher so that class teachers based on summing up the work of the class management and education based on the analysis of practice.
        2. Words no 'reason', a list of such materials, summary of the specific examples appear throughout the text, content enrichment, in fact only the material piling up, do not draw the logical conclusions or to generalize the experience is worth learning experience, but also not to mention educating people realize the truth, words can hardly give people inspiration. To avoid this drawback, the need to strengthen education class teacher earnestly study of the theory, learn to use the scientific way of thinking right materials to the coarse deposit sperm Quweicunzhen, getting from here to outside to the inside of the analysis and synthesis, in order to grasp the work of class teacher the nature and law.
        3. Words no 'number', the subject blur the class teacher of the conclusion to be what to write, how to write the chest numerous written either touched, kick the tires, the lack of deep thinking; either exhaustive, lack of core ideas, priorities and characteristics, said to make were at a loss. This situation is mainly caused by the class teacher professional quality is not high. To this end, the class teacher in the efforts to improve literacy education theory, while also strengthening the business class teacher learning, including learning class teacher do a good job summing up the work of professional knowledge, learn best class teacher do a good job summing up the experience, and pay attention to with their own practice, improve the sum the 'gold content'.
        4. No words 'sincerity', to avoid problems such wrap-up talk about results, not talk about issues, to talk about is evasive, alluded to. Such class teacher, or the written summary is just routine, there is no heart; or write honestly worried about the problem detrimental to their reputation, worried about leaving handle and summing up said the lack of sincerity in seeking truth and being pragmatic. In this regard, the class teacher should first correct its attitude, awareness-raising. The class teacher should be aware that summing up the work is to reflect on past work and seeking the future development of the important links and opportunities; reflection, analysis of work-related problems and actively seek ways and means to solve the problem is the class teacher working internal driving force for continuous development. Therefore, we should use a split view work in a realistic manner to address the problems and lack of class teachers do a good job summing up the work, improve our operational capacity.
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