Teacher Work Summary

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  • Seventh grade class next semester work summary
    This semester at school arrangement, I served seven grades (3) homeroom teacher work a semester, I work with the school's overall objective moral guidance for the direction of their class work, adhere to the educational work on class work in the first place In order to

    Jul 13,2013

  • Pham Van summary of the work reflect on teacher training
    After teacher training, I see the emergence of cases of online classroom, the teacher's response, experts explain, so I gained a lot; it enriches my knowledge, to fill the blank spots and blind me. For the former case, and we need to think and reflect, rather than thro

    Jun 29,2013

  • 2013 Middle School teacher work summary essay
    One semester passed quickly, in leadership and classroom teacher's help, the successful completion of the work, has made ​​some achievements, gains and losses, is now working on the last semester summarized as follows: I. classroom school education, teachi

    Jun 9,2013

  • The successful teacher summary of the work of the updated concept
    A successful teacher, first demonstrated its behavior is characterized by: love the students, for the growth of the students devote body and mind, to do their class work., In practical work, the teacher should take what basic patterns of behavior in line with their own

    May 7,2013

  • Young teacher Pham Van summary of the work
    As a young teacher, I always want to take a class in a class have a good class atmosphere, students learn in this life and grow up healthily, fun, school teachers, with immense interest, fun, class management easier, fun. efforts to build a democratic atmosphere of equa

    May 7,2013

  • The sophomore grade teacher semester summary of the work
    A semester later, looking back at the past work, full of challenges, bitterness and meet a semester of hard work, the joy of harvest, also inadequate and regret, lessons learned, which will help future work, are summarized below: , Strengthening routine management, de

    Apr 23,2013

  • Pham Van summary of the work of eighth-grade teacher semester
    The hectic semester was about to lightning the end of four and a half months fleeting, recall a semester's work is fairly smooth, in order to better able to improve the efficiency of the class work for a while, to do this work in this semester be summarized as follows:

    Apr 20,2013

  • Second grade teacher Pham Van summary of the work
    Requirements of quality education for all students, the students' ideological and moral, cultural and scientific, labor skills, physical and mental quality to get the full and harmonious development of personality strengths are fully cultivate this is a long-term, a lan

    Apr 6,2013

  • Three days of graduating class teacher work summary Pham Van
    Sent away to create a brilliant 12th students, the request of the school, I once again served as the 13th junior (5 homeroom teacher, I am honored but also very worried. Maybe my ignorance, maybe I want to prove anything, perhaps always admit defeat power factors to sup

    Feb 15,2013

  • 2013 New Year's Day teacher teaching work summary Pham Van
    Teacher school education organizers, implementers, is the coordinator of the teaching work, class management requires a teacher interested in their own work, due diligence to do then, and perseverance, pay attention to methods. Care students throughout every moment of c

    Jan 18,2013

  • 2013 third grade class teacher work summary Pham Van
    A year's time so hurry and I own the year the work of summing up the work. The class teacher is the direct managers of class work, the person directly responsible, is the key to good classroom management core, is the main force of the ideological and moral constructio

    Jan 11,2013

  • Summary of the work of the secondary school teacher
    Summary of the work of secondary school teacher Concerned about the differences of each student is absolute, and at any time under any circumstances, students will always be a difference. This is decided as a class teacher, to accept every student is unconditional.

    Mar 21,2012

  • 2011-2012 school year fourth grade teacher summary of the work Pham Van
    2011-2012 school year fourth grade teacher summary of the work Pham Van This semester I was a 4 (3) class teacher and language teaching, under the enthusiastic guidance and help of the leaders and colleagues, I do a good job of teaching and class work actively to comp

    Mar 20,2012

  • 2012 Vocational Education class summary of the work selected Pham Van
    2012 Vocational Education class summary of the work selected Pham Van 2011 - 2012 school year, the work of the vocational education classes has basically ended, recalling the past year of vocational education classes filled with emotion: the joy of achievement, there

    Mar 20,2012

  • Class individual summary Pham Van
    Class individual summary Pham Van This semester is about to end in order to consolidate the achievements, and to correct shortcomings, Reed battles, this semester is teaching, teacher work, summarized as follows: Teacher work: as a teacher so many years, being full

    Mar 11,2012

  • 2011-2012 school year semester class teacher summary
    Review the work of the class of this semester, I deeply realize: all the students and teacher make joint efforts and collective cohesion, the creation of a harmonious learning environment in order to promote the overall development of the class wind class appearance, al

    Mar 11,2012

  • Sixth-grade teacher moral education summary Pham Van
    Summary of the work of sixth-grade teacher of moral education For an enterprising people, as long as there is interest in the valuable work no matter how tired, no matter how tough do not think the teachers know that the class teacher many things very hard, but hard w

    Mar 10,2012

  • 2012 teacher work summary Pham Van
    Time flies really fast blink of an eye one the school year ended. Memories of this school year is just like yesterday, like remember everything vividly. This school year, I was a fifth grade teacher and teaching as time progressed, I and the children from the strange

    Feb 28,2012

  • The first semester of 2011-2012 academic year summary of teacher work
    Time flies, time flies, this semester's class teacher instant nearing completion. Ordinary class teacher is to enable students to improve capacity, habit, shape the character of the work is a glorious and meaningful work, but it is trivial, busy. Therefore, to do this

    Jan 28,2012

  • Director of third-grade class summary of the work
    Summary of the third grade class teacher Time flies, in the plain and busy, to do a multi-year teacher's days have flashed by. This is what I get along with children third year. The children grow up feeling really casual. Inadvertently, their heads a lot taller, inad

    Jan 22,2012

  • The first semester of the 2011-2012 school year class teacher summary
    This semester, I continue to serve as XX Grade 3 homeroom teacher, I request the school with the actual situation and bumban conduct class work, and strive to improve the quality of students, so students can fully develop. I mainly do the following work: First, starti

    Jan 18,2012

  • Fourth grade teacher annual summary
    First, the general education Winter just past, the new semester began, as early as possible in order to enable students to enter the role, to adapt to learning, which would be the class teacher in daily life can lead orderly, and content should be close to that small

    Jan 5,2012

  • 2010 summary of teacher work
    Teacher education as the backbone of the school, its status and role that no one can replace the class teacher and students in their daily lives the most contact, the students follow to learn the direct object, the class teacher's words and deeds, will give students to

    Jun 16,2011

  • Teacher reflection on summing up the work
    I was fortunate to attend the class teacher training, nearly a month in this short time, I learned a lot in the six modules of 48 case study, the teacher I work with the new era of further understanding of the teacher in this position with a deeper understanding of clas

    Jun 16,2011

  • Trainee teacher job summary (1)
    Class teacher is trivial, busy, but good class teacher is a sign of a good teacher, but also a teacher from the experience of happiness. One-year probationary period is coming to an end, in the year, the master of their enthusiastic support and help, I learned a lot, a

    Jun 16,2011

  • Fan class teacher reflection and summary
    Class management class teacher is the direct participants, students in the learning of life, mental health, attitudes and values ​​of the guide is to help schools carry out the work of the coordinator, so in practice the role of the teacher work critical in

    Jun 16,2011

  • Summary of the work in third grade class Pham Van
    As a third grade teacher, faced with 9,10-year-old children, work more arduous. I believe that any teacher would like the job and his own as far as possible freed from the heavy, usually I just start from the following aspects of: First, the class presentations Ther

    Jun 12,2011

  • Primary school teacher summed up the work (second year)
    In the past school year, my class unified organization in the school leadership, classroom teachers the support and cooperation of the smooth development of the work, study, work is successfully concluded, now I have some work to do to report: One. Management classes

    Jun 11,2011

  • Working class A Good Summary
    I have served as the head teacher for a year, compared with a year ago, always feel that they know a lot, learned how to class work, although the classes do not work very well, but always have their own ideas. I know classroom teaching activities as the basic unit, the

    Jun 11,2011

  • Summary of the work the first semester of 2010 class
    In the first semester of 2009-2010 I taught elementary school in the center of Hua tip, any first grade teacher, on behalf of the first grade language, math teaching. This work is divided in several parts: language teaching, mathematics teaching, class service work. I

    Jun 11,2011