2012 Head of Sales for work summary Pham Van

Me at xxx into the marketing department, and was appointed head of the marketing department at xxx, and spent two years, and now I will put this work during the summary, I urge the people I work with more valuable comments and suggestions.

Market mainly based telephone service, network assisted work early is through a phone we break out, to find the intention of customers.

Exchange to establish a relationship of trust with each customer, communication so that from the bottom of my heart feel whenever you are in for their services based help them Lord, the spirit of "we can do we will certainly go do, we can try to do coordination "principle to work.

Thus, in the case of business was basically completed, not only to meet their needs, the benefits we deserve. Earn their trust through our products and our services. Cooperation of the next opportunity.

Like around the Spring Festival, my department staff convergence will work very well, without the slightest interference from external factors, and will be able to do in a special stage will be able to do a good job at this stage of things, whether it is customer tracking or service, still able to adhere to the heart, the .20 ** work and tasks have been identified all plans have already been implemented in strict accordance with the plan of things to do this is inevitable to do with quality. believes that even the case in the process to the problem, we will choose the fastest and best way to solve.

Came 20 ** ignorant I am also deeply stressful and disoriented, but I encountered a good leader and a part of my team. Their help and inclusive growth factors I personally at this stage. I for the understanding of life and work in this time to participate in the work of the most rewarding year.

The past is the past. Every year is a new start, a new beginning.

Centered in this year's work, "diligent in business, specializing in professional, me and my group members to do the full use of their spare time, both in terms of expertise, or marketing strategy to take diverse forms, find more books, see more, learn more. broaden their horizons, and a wealth of knowledge to learn the theory of interacting with customers, mostly used in practice, let everyone find their own ways of working with the different ways and means, then complement each other, so that the strength of the team to play the biggest role in the manifestation of the performance to supplement fresh blood and energy cooperation and development of the team. must improve their ability, quality, and process performance.

"With a good team," the responsibility to be standing in the previous year, based on the experience gained last year while this year's performance, so that each person's ability, quality has to enhance, should exercise their own independent than strong operational capacity. both what to do, can do so that the leaders assured that satisfaction.

Walked into this highly competitive society, each of us must learn how to survive? Whatever you do have a healthy, optimistic, positive work attitude is the most important school life, learning to do things and learn to use their minds to do something, learn to use own wisdom to solve the problem. since the choice of this career, this work, it would have to strive to do a good job, which is a responsibility.

Through two years of work, my empathy, I see a company changes also feel that the company is bound to forward a determination: "I believe that the company's strategy is clear, accurate positioning, decision-making correct "Therefore, in future work, I will lead the market to an all staff with the development of the company's timely adjust their timely and correct to find their own role and position the company to the best of our booming personal modest.

Looking back at the past, we are enthusiastic and looking forward to the future, we have high morale, new year, new blessings, new expectations: Today, the market is a proud because in this work, tomorrow, the market is a let companies because we work and proud!

I finished speaking, thank you!

Sales Summary