Summary of the work of the 2012 year-end sales assistant Pham Van

XX years will soon be over, nearly a year's time, I worked hard, but also have a little harvest, near the end of the year, I summarize the work aims to learn lessons and improve themselves, so to do a better job own confidence and determination to do better work next year following a brief summary of the year's work.
I February to the company's April, XX, XX years, I was transferred to the Ministry of the domestic when the sales assistant, not responsible for the marketing department in the past, I do not have sales experience, solely on the basis of sales enthusiasm, and lack of industry sales experience and industry knowledge to quickly come into this industry, after the country's internal, everything from scratch, while learning product knowledge, while the best of my own, served during I learned a lot of product knowledge from orders to finished goods, to monitor carefully examine the goods to ensure that the correct quantity of goods are not damaged but I also have done well, such as communication with customers, I can not quickly respond to customer issues, but ask the manager told colleagues after then slowly I can clearly fluent in response to the problems mentioned by the customers, accurately grasp the needs of customers, good communication with customers, so gradually gained the trust of customers. constantly learning product knowledge and accumulated experience, than ever before in their ability to have a more substantial improvement!
2 since the end of XX in May and now, courtesy of the company superiors of love, I transfer to the Beijing office served as logistical few months I completed probably as follows:
1) the financial aspects, every day I have good journal, make a record every day, every piece of material transactions specific entrust it to the head office, accounts receivable, I have good relations. Urge salesman timely recovery receivable financial aspects did not come into contact with before, there are still a lot of places do not understand, but I would humbly ask for advice, getting something better!
2) As for the governance of the warehouse, every day, conscientiously registered the library, Distribution registration! Stockpiles are generally the lowest inventory ordering, but sometimes because of negligence, zero inventory ordering. Caused by the phenomenon of stock, I will be careful to avoid further There are zero inventory ordering occurrence!
3) a salesperson to help share some of the sales, a salesman not negotiate with customers. Taking orders! (Price, of course. Consultation salesman!) In this area are mainly on the phone, there qq Delivery lead ~! before as an assistant in the domestic department. communication with the customer to get the exercise. communication with the customer is not a problem but a few days ago because of my carelessness. customers to goods, with the salesman, I forgot that. not timely customer is not satisfied and the next day I would try to avoid such things from happening.
4) seriously responsible for their own work, to assist superiors accountable completed work!
Following problems 1) Corporation warehouse hoped to strict point shipments frequent errors Since the inception of the offices there have been proposed many times. Later the With improved slightly but these appeared before the same mistake, the product is often sent to the wrong model!
2) repair the goods in a timely manner. Leave a bad impression to the customer. Feeling of our after-sales service do not get bit!
Although some of the factors on the objective, work practices other big problem, mainly in too few sales work the most basic of customer visits Beijing office is to start work in June of this year, at the beginning of the work down customers access recorded record 105, combined with the absence the records summarized as 20, six months time, 20 of the overall calculation of the amount of day three salespeople visit customers point of view from the figures above our basic access client work did not do a good job. above is my conclusion. imperfect Wang superiors pointing!

Sales Summary