2013 computer sales summary plan Pham Van

I *** company is mainly responsible for the market development and business work the past year, I have been completely integrated into the collective Although there one way or another in the year, we try to solve the next year from the following aspects:
First, to reduce costs, the main measures that should be taken: further broaden purchasing channels, looking for more than one supplier, price and quality comparison, select the supplier of good quality and low price supplier, thrift, savings and avoid wasting engineering design should be reasonable, internal consumption is reduced, the day-to-day expenses, water, electricity, daily office supplies, paper, vehicle expenses to be frugal.
Second, is the most important part ----- cultivate awareness, establish a sense of service to strengthen the sense of competition, the cultivation of the market to create awareness that we are a service-oriented company, can make use of the service to win market, has won the trust of users colleagues always competition between enterprises exist, the level of their own business do not improve the company, corporate development will be eliminated. recent years, supplies more intense market competition, this year the situation will be more severe.
Business level and improving the quality of the staff is critical, related to the development and fate of the entire enterprise. Affect the operational level of efficiency to act, Staff directly affect the social status and social image only has a high-quality, excellent technical level of the team business will progress and development.
Intensify propaganda is market development is an important means and measures.
Ways and measures Sales, Sales profit profit sources: computer sales, computer supplies, printer supplies, typing and photocopying, computer classes online business and computer industry this year, the main goal: the development of the market of home users, office seize supplies market. intensify propaganda for home users, office supplies market prices to compete, puerile sales file periodic sale tracking, to seize office supplies market, to secure greater profits here we need to do a lot of work, timely delivery must definitely better after-sales service, to allow customers to trust us, to allow customers to enjoy the God-like treatment genuineness.
Able to complete the profit target, *** million net profit *** million. Including: typed copy *** million, Wang Xiao *** million, computer *** million, computer supplies and accessories ** * million other: *** *** million, staff wages million.
Second, the main source of profits obtained by the customer service department profit way and measure customer service department: station of the HEDY computer repair, printer repair, computer repair, computer membership .2002 We are authorized authorized repair station for Hedy Computer, Strong Rainbird printer chain repair stations, so this year, the main goal is to unified customer service department, standardization, standardization, to achieve self-sufficiency, and lay a solid foundation for the services market for the coming year.
Profit targets, profit can be completed *** million.
The main source of profit ways and measures of the Engineering Department Engineering Department profits: computer network engineering, wireless network engineering. Basically built the local network implementation, once the wireless network to promote open can bring more profits to facilitate computer network engineering the smooth development, but also for other sectors to create an entry point, easy to carry out the business main goal this year is also the profit growth point ----- wireless network, and part of the internet access expected profits in *** yuan, profits of this part of the stand-alone multi-user system, the Group the phone, Shoufan system *** million multifunction electronic classrooms, multimedia conference room *** the rest of the network engineering part *** million, the new part of the business of *** million, the computer part *** million, staff wages *** - ***, profit targets, profit can be completed ***.
Finished in the pursuit of profit must guarantee the quality of the project, to establish and improve the engineering acceptance system, supervision, and acceptance by the customer service department, the engineering department to improve the quality of the project so that you can motivate, in order to better establish the company's image.
Fourth, make great efforts to strictly enforce the rules and regulations of the company, on one level efficiency, service awareness, and establish the company's image in the community.
Some serious treatment of non-compliance with company rules and regulations, lazy employees will not relent, and damage the company's image.
To establish a more perfect sound management operation system.
, From program design, construction, inspection, to engineering training process must be strictly and resolutely implement the customer service department should adhere to the principle of acceptance maintenance.
2, try to create some of the fixed-income groups, such as computer maintenance membership, and more complete equipment maintenance fee system, some of the more powerful economic base of enterprises, commissioned * into our long-term customers.
3 large customers to conduct regular visits, free technical support and a friendly customer relationship to take advantage of a variety of means, the media, such as the use of our own home company charges announced, from the leadership to each staff to implement.
4, service, maintenance can create profits less and less in recent years, engineering, computer bigger and thinner profit, competition is increasing, we can create profits from service, maintenance and more optimistic about the computer other than the warranty period aftermarket printer maintenance market.
Create learning opportunities continue to provide for employees or to create learning and training opportunities to learn from each other and improve each other *** company efforts to build Pinggu ground * Computer authority.
Workers and training is an important element of human resource development, the contingent of cadres, construction and corporate culture building, through training, the goal of reunification, unified understanding, uniform pace, improving the cohesion, solidarity and combat effectiveness. Establish a culture of learning, do not know how to ask, not to learn.

Training: dedication: Looking back at history, look to the future, to understand the glorious tradition of the goal to enhance the sense of mission and responsibility to cultivate a sense of ownership. Responsibilities: learning company system, employee discipline, clear job responsibilities Code of Conduct Third, job skills: learning practitioners skills, workflow, and the method taught in the post.
Training methods: 1, within the company regularly or irregularly arranged for staff training .2 actively involved in the management of the center or corporate organizations, technicians and all staff training activities .3 walk Yuk ィ the  the Wei excellent purine prayer scorpion fed Mai Huan dice Tuan ? br> training goal: to create the conditions for enterprises to provide employees accumulated for employees in the post-taught.
We are a united collective, has teamwork collective, become a fighting tough team. Every department, every employee, post a clear responsibility to the people personal bonuses and departments benefit directly linked so we should both pressure and also to have the confidence, confidence will not be successful, no pressure will not make progress at all levels to improve.
Comrades, the time is limited, especially in our industry, the rapid development of computer technology, one day without learning will be left behind, so each staff here we should have a set time, competition, citing 10 sentence is six spirit to the times. "
The various departments of the company should be co-ordinated collaboration time by volume, the completion of the leadership of the tasks entrusted to us, and strive to achieve the conference to develop 1.21 million profit targets.
How to do in the future, I think, must not live up to the ardent expectations and support of the leaders of the Information Center, and *** 30 workers own, we must strive to make the following two points:
1 to lay down the burden, put aside the hands and feet big, strive when a qualified Deputy Manager of its duties is to open up the market and *** company's business must work being strict demands on themselves, to establish a correct outlook on life and values *, show consideration for the company's interests above all else. things never dry undermine *** image.
2, to study hard, improve quality, and enhance the ability to work, and business level, *** built in Pinggu ground * the largest and most complete variety, the most authoritative IT companies and efforts.
Above the debriefing report, I will strive to meet the profit targets for the various departments to develop leaders here each employee supervision

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