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  • 2013 computer sales summary plan Pham Van
    I *** company is mainly responsible for the market development and business work the past year, I have been completely integrated into the collective Although there one way or another in the year, we try to solve the next year from the following aspects: First, to red

    Jan 7,2013

  • Summary of the work of the 2012 year-end sales assistant Pham Van
    XX years will soon be over, nearly a year's time, I worked hard, but also have a little harvest, near the end of the year, I summarize the work aims to learn lessons and improve themselves, so to do a better job own confidence and determination to do better work next ye

    Jan 3,2013

  • 2012 Head of Sales for work summary Pham Van
    Me at xxx into the marketing department, and was appointed head of the marketing department at xxx, and spent two years, and now I will put this work during the summary, I urge the people I work with more valuable comments and suggestions. Market mainly based telephon

    Jan 3,2013