Electromechanical factory employees' personal work summary

Time flies, tune out from the distribution chamber work for almost half a year in the past six months, I Factory and sections of the correct leadership and care and support, with a positive attitude and enthusiasm for the work of the spirit of service, while do their can work, while an open mind to learn new knowledge of mechanical and electrical groups and departments have done some real things, and achieved certain results, but there are still some deficiencies, needs to be improved and improved. now summarize the work six months as follows:

First, the work content

My work can be divided into mechanical and electrical equipment Section chamber group work and work.

Electromechanical Group Work:

1 The organization team members to do the workshop equipment inspection, maintenance and repair work;

(2) participate in inspection and key maintenance and repair work;

3 is responsible for mechanical and electrical power distribution chamber groups and live regulate and manage;

Desk work:

1 safety work: Fill safety inspection records, safety rectification records, security monthly reports, quarterly reports security;

(2) quality of the work: finishing maintenance of equipment archives; collected ice machine, boiler, power distribution running records, record oil equipment and workshop equipment maintenance records; statistics and monitoring equipment in good condition measuring device efficiency;

3 Complete the lead in organizing other work;

Second, the main achievements

1 set of specifications in the Electrical and placed personal items, such as: cup, work shoes, etc.;

2 common tools, spare parts and materials such as the implementation of someone in charge of finishing;

3 Electrical Group members organize timely completion of workshop equipment inspection, maintenance and repair, to protect the normal operation of plant equipment;

4 top summer team involved in the workshop organized installation of new equipment, actinomycetes, wiring and commissioning work for the commissioning of new equipment as soon as possible to prepare;

5 part of the equipment involved in energy group maintenance, to ensure the operation of energy equipment;

6 In q10 machine level control system failure, to achieve the q10 machine level control system transformation and repair liquid level controller, restore the original level after the controller is operating normally, so far without exception;

7. Participation before processing segment homogeneous cooling water system renovation work of the electrical part of the installation;

8 cip central station systems involved in the transformation of electrical and pneumatic components for installation and commissioning work;

9 complete workshop equipment inspection table changes, increased equipment inspection efforts;

10 do security work in a variety of records, reports;

11 files good equipment maintenance and equipment operation, equipment, oil, plant maintenance records collection; doing surveillance equipment in good condition and efficient statistical measuring device;

Third, their experiences

1 Tashi hard to improve the professional skills

As a technician, professional and technical level is fundamental. Engage in life-long learning technologies, but also to carry forward the spirit of hard. Books to learn not only the theoretical knowledge, but also to practice, in practice, continue to explore, continue to accumulate At the same time, we must humbly ask for advice, to master a variety of related expertise.

(2) efforts to study to improve management capability

Group management for the newly engaged in mechanical and electrical work for me, in the face of everything is new and challenging. Need to enrich themselves, I often use their spare time to see some management-related books, or search the Internet some of the management the management of information and experiences predecessors while the use of these management knowledge to work is the most important, otherwise, it is "on paper", and I have not done enough in this regard, the need to intensify.

Emphasis on thinking, sometimes encounter the same problem, and some people handle it properly, but some people get sloppy handling as a manager, we should cultivate the habit of hard thinking, and that is usually encounter problems, be diligent thinking, as well as the best option to lead the team to deal with the problem.

But also regular communication with the class composition of employees, encourage members to put forward their own views, and departmental problems. So that timely improvement!

3. Attention to detail and gradually grow

At work, any slight error may cause part of the failure of the entire work, so pay attention to every aspect of meticulous well. Society recording everything and every important aspect of learning for the future and provide materials and evidence review .

Four, problems and shortcomings

1 work, sometimes a little careless, not detailed enough;

2 In studying technical expertise is not enough;

(3) Organizational management is not enough;

In response to these problems in the future work to overcome careless, enhance professional techniques and skills to learn and strive for greater progress, but also to strengthen the management of the learned knowledge to work, to play a team strength of the team, the work done to a higher level.

Overall, half of work, achievements and shortcomings, there is joy there are bitter, but the harvest is theme he took to make earth-shattering event, but in a trivial thing out of the work embodied in the meaning and value of life in order to exercise self- and grow to become useful in future work, I will be more hard work, and constantly improve, and improve ourselves!

Personal Work Summary