2013 Kindergarten branch Branch Meeting summary of the work

Of the standard class, is to establish a "to do your job better, to do it first" thinking, consciously targeting the "benchmark" to develop specific measures, ranging from small start, start from the details, variable gap of potential change pressure into motivation, efforts to make all work to achieve first-class.

Hard work-oriented, is to always adhere to the pragmatic, solid work, especially in the region of the upper and lower ranks of party members and cadres, vigorously promote the "big rather than small dry, really dry and not imaginary dry" spirit, and strive in the new starting point, recreating a new xx.

2013.6.8-6.9, xx District Experimental Kindergarten Shen Yun District secretary of the education system as xx attended the Communist Party of China, Taiyuan xx District Fourth Congress.

2013.6.10, xx District Experimental Kindergarten Shen Yun secretary back garden organized branch committees, learning to convey xx District Communist Party of China, Taiyuan Fourth Congress of the relevant documents and spirit.

2013.6.15, xx District Experimental Kindergarten branch organizations of all party members to study the Chinese Communist Party xx District Taiyuan Fourth Congress Wei China secretary << comprehensive benchmarking excellence, accelerate transformation across, creating livable environment for the realization of building a harmonious urban target struggle >>'s report, all party members speak their minds, first to express their feelings. reports practical and realistic review and summary of the past five years, and the times and propose realistic outlook next five years to work with, very inspiring report people. gathering strength, energizing. encouraged by the fighting. all party members expressed; should thoroughly study and understand the spirit and report rich connotation, especially in future work unswervingly implement the spirit of the letter will report the good, the Executive , and implementing.

2013.6.20, xx District Experimental Kindergarten branch organizations of all party members and teachers gave lectures lectures, the text area to learn Chinese Communist Taiyuan xx Fourth Congress Wei China secretary << comprehensive benchmarking excellence, accelerate transformation across, for the realization of creating livable build a harmonious urban environment objectives struggle >> reported. branch party members Teachers report, written learning experience of our work.

xx District Experimental Kindergarten is a star nursery in Taiyuan, Shanxi province also demonstration kindergartens, kindergartens nationwide demonstration Pokka characteristics, carry out a comprehensive benchmarking activities is to focus on Experimental Kindergarten's "branding features to create a harmonious development" goals, adhere to the "development of the child, parent services, achievements teacher" philosophy of education, the work of the experimental kindergarten and solid, stronger, well. benchmarking excellence, hard work-oriented, is to take the "quality education to enhance the Year" as the theme to child development as the main line, in order to implement the core curriculum standards to improve the construction of teachers as fundamental to standardize education management for the protection, to carry out the research park, take the characteristics of content development. fully implement "benchmarking" engineering, formulation of development goals, the implementation of initiatives to study ultra-rush help to raise the overall quality of the office park. benchmarking excellence, hard work based on the standard is to identify, establish a standard dry, ultra-rush help to create a school of "benchmarking" atmosphere, do Good garden and park, between teachers and between teachers teach and learn pick pairs. benchmarking excellence, hard work of our people is to wind Daxing Daxing hard work of the wind, the wind of Daxing pragmatic. First, leaders attach importance to, clear objectives; Second, combined with practical, promote the orderly; Third, in various forms, distinctive features, through study reports, combined with experimental kindergarten we actually strive to do the following four points:

First, solve the problem focused services in the understanding of the majority of parents, "the park difficult" outstanding issue, Experimental Kindergarten parents want to think, worry for parents anxious the new semester to find ways to overcome difficulties, to raise funds opened 2.5-3 years Little care classes. helping parents solve the difficulties, Experimental Kindergarten prop newborn infants received 53, by parents at home.

Second, proactive innovative services. Experimental Kindergarten attention to environmental creation, attention to nursery each class locale in the teaching under the guidance of Wang, kindergarten teachers focus on the main wall layout class to mobilize the power of parents for child care early childhood development co-production << books.>, for toddlers homemade toys and outdoor sports equipment to teach in classes on the basis of the creation of regional, class combining children age characteristics, highlighting a specialty area, such as a small group of doll house, small second class Hansel and Gretel, in a Ban supermarkets, the second class construction area, Taipan blue and white porcelain. Kindergarten teacher in each class organization for mutual learning on regional appraisal, and achieved unexpected results. parents said happily "Kindergarten is so beautiful! nursery better and better it. unexpected leadership so seriously, so act fast, the service does

Real is real service! "

Third, changes in style love service in the whole "dual service" process, the nursery of all party members to "excel" in spirit and in-depth solid work style, and do everything to "double service" work, especially Since the implementation of 5s management, nursery every party except outside the working hours, according to need, summing up the work overtime often consciously carry forward not afraid of difficulties, the spirit of continuous fighting, the weekend is no rest for a day.

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