Hospital ICU nurse Pham Van individual work summary

Recalling icu ward turn of the year starting this year, when I served in icu nurse of the year, the leadership of the hospital under the care of the department director and the director of nursing help and support, make icu nursing work to be normal operation this year, continue to carry out innovation in hospitals and people are satisfied with the idea of ​​the fight against commercial bribery under the guidance of the successful completion of their work, hereby make the following year's work summarizes several aspects:
A: improving ward facilities, enhance ward management:
icu rescue critically ill patients are closely monitored and place reasonable requirements of the ward environment, simple, convenient and conducive to observation and rescue, emergency ward facilities, in the original icu ward under primitive conditions and facilities in the House leadership's support, improve the facilities and equipment, of the year, the addition of three ventilator, 6 injection pump, 2 infusion pumps, and a variety of medical supplies. and installed water heater, indoor water supply facilities, and a variety of living facilities to high-quality services to the patient ward conditions and convenient working conditions conducive to health care, making icu ward conditions in the city and surrounding areas in the lead. complete facilities without effective management, which developed the year: icu expensive equipment management system, expensive medicines management system, ward disinfection measures. achieve fixed positioning to place items, fixed equipment management, pharmaceutical management personnel and materiel management staff. past year, effective management to ensure the icu ward daily work.
Two: establish and improve the implementation of the rules and regulations: icu in the hospital is an emerging discipline, collecting various departments as well as the hospital critically ill patients outside the hospital, institutional and numerous health care tasks are arduous, and my subjects were aged nurses lighter, junior, sense of responsibility is not strong enough, and the greater mobility icu nurse, therefore formulate a strict careful, practical system practices to ensure the normal operation of icu nursing work, this year in the original 2005 icu nursing work Pilot Draft, and continue to improve and modify the draft, increasing the nursing routine, emergency medicine drugs hemp drugs daily class inventory system, sterile management system, nurse training programs, such as disinfection and isolation system, developed at the same time urge, Check the implementation of the system to ensure the normal work rules to follow, so that the icu orderly, busy but not chaotic, its working efficiency can be fully tapped.
Three: to improve the quality of nursing services, strengthen self-construction:
Since icu and demanding nature of the work, the nurse is always in the patient's first line of treatment and observation, therefore, how the quality of nursing, icu will be directly related to the efficiency of this year, icu nurse training is my job The focus of the follow-up education in icu nurse, I took the job training, go out further studies, the combination of self-study and evaluation and other measures, combined with medical regularly organizes lectures and participate in the business curriculum at nursing rounds, in strict accordance with the 2006 icu nurse training Plan> training and assessment, the 2006 has two nurses transported to Shanghai Beijing training, general care nurses have attended college or undergraduate in-service education, year of training makes icu nurse capable of performing their daily work, the majority of nurses icu become skilled talent.
To do icu nurse sisters leading pack, do not strengthen their own learning is not enough, in the busy work, I try to learn professional knowledge and proficiency in skills, and in the media and on the Internet access icu relevant information, learn and explore to improve their management level and operational level, the year also participated in the undergraduate nursing continuing education, and achieved good results. Meanwhile, to support the President in the successful completion of cardiopulmonary bypass heart surgery this application >> a topic identified by the Municipal Science and Technology Commission, in addition, is also involved in my Kewu statins in critically ill patients with organ protective effects >> research projects.
2013 patients admitted to our department annual * * * I case, the successful rescue of ards, mods, dic, acute pancreatitis, especially severe brain trauma, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, multiple trauma and other critically ill patients, but also with the successful completion of Cardiothoracic Surgery many cases of post-operative cardiac care tasks, and achieved good social and economic benefits, a year of nursing leadership and director of the hospital's attention, support and help, strong management, the plastic image, the quality of care, professional ethics has made some achievements, but there are many shortcomings to be further improved.

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