Information Engineering College branch Pham Van summary of the work

1, in the theory of learning

I branch committees in accordance with the relevant colleges theoretical study deployment, carefully organize Party members to carry out the Party's theoretical study, and insisted every two weeks branch organizations of all party members to participate in the General Assembly, the party's collective meeting learning theory. If combined with our branch summary of the work and learning tasks, actively contact our daily teaching, research and other practical, in accordance with the Party's arrangements, I wrote a Party branch organizational aspects of the theory.

2, ready to party members and party activists visits and training

Plus 'network centric' student members, we have a probationary member 2 branch, in July 2013, we organized a student probationary member (Ho Ming comrades) to positive, a party activists (Zhang Jie comrades)'s development work . As Ren Bin comrades business trip, did not hold a positive ritual, but its summary of the work still to do. If any of the Bin comrades can not return to Beijing this semester, only the next semester to discuss his probationary member regularized problem. Activists of the semester (Wu Fei) to implement the training work to contacts - Sun Xun.
3, branch actively cooperate with each unit teaching, research work


Completed the teaching of research, quality completion of the task of teaching this semester, there was no teaching accidents, especially young teachers, the branch of the organization to play a mentoring role old teacher; actively carry out research work, high quality finish Ministry of Railways of the research project - 'Railway Package System information technology development and related research,' actively apply for research projects in 2001 amounted to 4; writing e-textbook 3.

TMIS Training Center

Completed a business license registration, completed postgraduate teaching work, expanding the TMIS training center training business, shelf according to the amount of finished research tasks undertaken by the Ministry of Railways.

Network Management Research Center

Complete commitment to the 'China Digital Library Demonstration System' and 'wide network integrated network management system' project and other research work, the sponsor of the 'National Chiao Tung University Netcom Information Technology Co., Ltd.' to carry out the preparatory work for graduate online teaching; with the Institute of Computing joint training of graduate students.

The branch in this year's work, give full play to CCP Branch, although party members from different administrative units, have their work characteristics, scope, requirements, we are busy working, some comrades travel often, meeting, and some long-term home, the pace of work quickly, but branch members division of labor, each responsible for their own units in the first Zhiwei party political and ideological work and study trends, in order to facilitate contact and master the daily work, branch members meet regularly to exchange situation; regularly organized branch of life and democracy within the party council, which received good results.

We work according to branch characteristics, job content, often in exchange party branch meeting life's work, study, and to report promptly to the work of the Party and ideological trends, seek the views of the party committee and timely implementation of the actual work help us overcome many branches the lack of work, improving branch work, proved very effective to do so.

By the end of 2013 'network management center' separated from the Transportation Institute, attributed to the Electronic Information and Engineering, its members are also separated from my branch. Now, the branch of the party members less, fewer units involved, it should be said organization branch convenient than the original work, and these are good for our branch work provides a good condition, we must give full play to the fighting branch role, so that party members to play a vanguard and exemplary work in the lead role for the well do his own work, teaching play political safeguards.
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