Sales of building materials Pham Van summary of the work

Time as fleeting, dies speeding wheel of history, 2013's calendar is a one quietly turn, along with the pace of the times, looking back at myself a year to experience wind and rain away, I make the following personal summary of the work:

I. Review of the Work

2013 was an unusual year, the 60th anniversary of the grand celebration to bring everyone in China extremely encouraging and shocking, and in rejoicing in the motherland strong, proud people's well being summarized in the individual's work, I do feel more their work is noble mission of each staff member.

1) Jia Ruhong prevalence has nearly half the team out, let me into this much warmth and harmony, and I thank my colleagues care and work actively cooperate, nearly into the company, I know just the right tile of the conceivable, country homes through learning let me quickly into the ceramics that have strong competition in the industry, our company's brand (Grice) conducted in-depth understanding.

2) learning through this six tiles I personally feel that our company in the market has certain advantages (cheap goods America), but now the designer of the antique brick and propensity score is known, our company's antique brick ( camel) in the market have certain characteristics, but also by the designer's welcome, but supply and quality makes us feel a headache.

3) for doing home improvement design company Our company is difficult for designers to manipulate the price.

Two work plans

'Hard work, practical man' has always been my motto. While we work hard, but we always have perfect from step away, after six months of hard work, work is not a big improvement, there is no major mistakes, mediocre performance makes me see more clearly the problems of their own

1) to strengthen the source of resources and consolidation of the entire nucleus, forming their own customer circle.

2) For a strong competitor with complex customer relationships make certain effective countermeasures

3) designer aspect I personally have been operating without a clear idea of ​​the program hope to break through this year.

4) self-extracting, attitude adjustment, innovation and change. Attitude determines the quality of the work, so you want to keep working to adapt, and to control the direction of positive optimism, always greeted with enthusiasm daily work and challenges. Innovation is the soul of a nation, the only constant in the thinking and innovation, in order to work out the highlights.

Three to find a good beacon positioning life

'The road is long Come, happiness and earth.' Our way of life will continue to move forward through ups and downs, so take each step is crucial that everyone should find a good life buoy, to find a their own way to go to the trials and hardships on the way to realize their value, to see the rainbow after the rain.

I entered the building materials distribution industry is always done, 'project', 'works' in this business seems to be highly sophisticated, but from these years of work experience, I realize a lot, in fact, what is being done is not important is to be willing to learn and work hard, give yourself a good bit, each a work can explore their potential, because human potential is endless. Just entered this profession when visiting customers and let yourself feel timid self-esteem, even that they really are not suitable for the job, but he has been more insistent. Stubborn and do not throw in the towel, God is not innocent heart, slowly found they can overcome this obstacle, the site complex relationships not so terrible, and no longer worry about guests ignore me, not a long time to come with me signing a big anti-flicker, and gradually find its own direction. Maybe we do not know what will happen tomorrow, but I know I should do today.

Silence, walking eternity. We crossed a hurdle towards tomorrow, do their work, striving to their own masters, tomorrow would be better fixed!

Personal Work Summary