2013 Senior Accounting Pham Van summary of the work

September 2002 to work in December 2010 was hired as a college lecturer in September 1997 has served as the school fiscal Camp research group leader, in March 2013 was recommended as the Haikou Municipal Bureau of reserve cadres trained, 2013 September has served as deputy director of the vocational school, in March 2013 as the Institute of Vocational Education, Haikou City, Deputy Secretary-General. May 2002 to obtain accountant qualifications, currently serving as an accountant for work during the following summary:

First, the level of knowledge

June 1999 graduated from Southwest University of Finance and money and banking, 2013 6 Central China Normal University Educational Economy and Management postgraduate courses main courses closed down in September 2013 admitted to senior accountant qualification certificate, with a more solid theoretical knowledge, computer A grade, B grade foreign language titles, in May 2013 admitted to senior career guidance teacher. In the course of their duties as an accountant, pay attention to updating and enhancing expertise, adhere to a purpose and a plan for learning and training, to achieve a 'double' goal. Mainly in:

1, the preparation of professional materials, raising professional standards.

September 2013 co-authored Hainan accounting qualification examination books - 'financial regulations and professional ethics,' the first chapter accounting legal system, a total of 60,000 words or so, by the Hainan Provincial Accounting Association collected and published the book for Finance and Economics colleges students, accounting practitioners to improve learning and education, with a higher value, subject to unanimous praise. Meanwhile, in March 2013 has been Beijing Electronic Industry Press hired secondary vocational schools of modern marketing professional teaching materials Committee Standing Committee, is responsible for marketing, finance based on the book written work.

2, and actively writing papers for vocational development of ideas.

June 2013 paper written 'reconstruction of new accounting education system,' published in the 'Hainan Vocational and Adult Education Proceedings,' a book, go for a decline in accounting education vocational school road situation, how to enhance the vitality of the accounting classroom education, important guiding significance, the other in December 2013 paper written 'to establish a harmonious integrity of education system,' published in national journals 'Chinese contemporary educational research,' a book about China's current accounting distortion, misrepresentation and other phenomena, the school Accounting reform of teaching work published personal views and suggestions by unanimously affirmed.

3, focus on academic research, focus on economic areas of new knowledge and new changes.

In class, I actively analyze China's industrial policies and guidelines, the accounting profession at home and abroad to understand the status and trends, such as accounting credibility, Western accounting standards, etc., continue to learn and study of economic policies, regulations, systems, willing to collect their kinds of relevant information, especially financial information of listed companies in China, domestic and international economic environment, gradually creating analyze problems, problem-solving skills, the formation of self unique insights directly enrich the classroom teaching content, unanimously welcomed by the students, while also through the use of classroom time this concept, students look at the problem of the ability to establish their self-confidence, and achieved notable results.

Second, the ability to work

From teaching 12 years, working diligent, hard working, hard working, individual interests are subordinate to the collective interests of the personal gains, loyalty to the school this family, 2013,2013 two years, was named the outstanding member of the education system, Haikou City, 2013 May won the Haikou municipal corporation issued a 'young skilled' title.

As a specialized teachers, capable of Finance and Economics of the professional college teaching.

I speaker of course the 'Basic Accounting', 'Financial Accounting Practice,' 'Accounting simulation training', 'economic laws and regulations,' 'financial management', in teaching, to correctly understand and master the textbook teaching standards, according to the actual characteristics of the various disciplines and flexible organization of teaching students the correct transmission of knowledge, to enable practical pedagogy, induction, note that students expand relevant expertise, teaching higher level; able to take the initiative to assume the provincial, municipal, school of open class, observe the class, May 2013 to participate in the city's vocational school classroom teaching ability contest topic 'reasonable tax depreciation of fixed assets in the Issues' by the expert alike, each school semester student poll excellent rate of 80% or more, higher quality of classroom teaching , popular among the students; same time, combining the characteristics of schools and students, bold innovation, the courage to practice, the founder and improve school accounting simulation practice, to create 'three companies two banks,' the practice mode, Foreign peers unanimously affirmed this during a visit modes, directly fill the gaps my school campus internship through bookkeeping, afterwards, reimbursement applications, and enhance students' practical ability, so many years our school has continued the pattern; addition, students focus on the training and excellent work, so more talented people, in November 2013 to participate in the counseling students in secondary vocational schools in Hainan Province won the second race of computerized accounting, third, team scores the highest in the province.

Personal Work Summary