How to write the year-end summary of the work of the business units

I. Summary Introduction to summarize the work already done rational thinking it will be recalled that in the past have done, how to do, and doing. Summary and plans are complementary to the plan as the basis, set plan always on the basis of past experience. during a rule: plan - practice - Summary - again plan - and then practice - and then summed.

I. Summary has the following characteristics:

Summary of the work requires people to sober reflection of the work done in the past through reflection, raise awareness, gain experience, and to lay the ideological foundation to do a better job.

Emphasized scientific and sum up the experience does not matter-the "leap of faith" and to reasoning on the matter, dialectical analysis, and strive to draw scientific conclusions, so as to promote the transformation of the work.

3, expressed on Syria proposed combination of assessment Some commentators. Summary of the work in addition to the narrative, stated, talk, through the introduction of a typical material and the analysis and appraisal, to clarify the author's point of view, the lessons learned, ordered theorized avoid empty No two deviations, and a pile of material.

Second, the summary of the types of work:

1, according to the summary of the time points, with an annual summary six months summarizes quarterly summary of a major task, but also staging summarize or called stages summarizes.

2, according to the summary of the range of sub-units to summarize, personal concluded comprehensive summary, thematic summary.

3, according to the summary of the nature of work, production, teaching, scientific research and summarize.

, Summed up the writing preparation before

Someone once said: to sum up so well written, must be concluded as well, to sum up as well, have to work well, stand, viewpoint rival this rule of thumb is to write the summary. Good conclusion is in good summary of written on the basis of the work, it is the masses dry out in practice in real life, and some units doing much, but to summarize of Shique "spray perfume" the work of the unit, which lost the real meaning should not be promoted. Some units work achievements but can not form a typical experience, this case did not do a good job of summing up the work. both cases should be avoided. doing a good job summing up, it is an important task of enterprise management, is an important means to enhance the cohesion cadres, workers, need to be taken seriously.

Summarize what should we do? General to mobilize the masses, the bottom-up made a conclusion. Working masses, the summary should also be done by them. Should not put aside the masses to a whole spectrum of political achievements, the brains production point of view. Summarize of energy to quantify, and combine the qualitative and quantitative analysis of the investigation, from the objective facts, to prevent emotional avoid summarize mere formality.

In addition, do a good job summing up but also pay attention to the following points:

An emphasis on research, familiar with the situation

The summary of the object is the work done in the past, or complete a task, to sum up, through research, efforts to grasp the overall situation and understand the entire work process, the only way to conduct a comprehensive summary, to avoid inaccurate.

2, love their jobs, and familiar with the business

Love their work, professionalism, good work on the premise, but also do a good job in the basis of summing up. Write summarize involved in their own business, If you are not familiar with the business, which inevitably made less sense.

3, adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts

Conclusion is that the evaluation of the previous work, we must adhere to the principle of seeking truth from facts, as Comrade Chen Yun said, "scores on the written scores, error on write error is a big mistake to write a big mistake, a small error on write small error. "in order to serve the interests of the present and beneficial to the future. exaggerate achievements, bad news, in violation of the purpose of concluding, it should be abandoned.

4, focusing on the experience, to find the law

Summarize the ultimate goal is to draw experience and lessons learned, to identify the law to do a good job. Summary can not stay in the understanding of surface phenomena and objective examples listed on the regularity conclusion must be summarized from the practice.

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