How to write in 2009 Work Summary

In 2009 has ended, most of the workplace human began to make their own year-end summing up the work. Summing up the work in 2009 how to write it? Summing up the work if you want to master the writing skills, can be found in this article I hope you gain something from.
        Personal summary report, is to a certain period of work has been done to carry out a comprehensive system of general inspection, the overall evaluation, to conduct a detailed analysis of the total, the total research; is made to see what achievements, what are the shortcomings and less than, what experience and improve.
        (A) Basic information

        1. Concluded there must be an overview of the situation and narrative, and some relatively simple, others more detailed. This part is mainly the work of the subjective and objective conditions, favorable and unfavorable conditions and working environment and the foundation for analysis.

        2. Achievements and shortcomings. This is a summary of the center. The purpose is to sum up certain results, to identify shortcomings. What are the achievements, there is little, showing in what respect is how to progress; the number of defects, showing in what areas, what is nature, how it is formed, should make it clear.

        3. Experiences and lessons learned. Has done one thing, there is always the experience and lessons learned. In order to facilitate future work, to be the work of past experiences and lessons learned analysis, research, summary of concentration, and rose to the height of the theory to understand.

        4. The future plans. According to the future tasks and requirements of the previous period of work experience and lessons learned, doing individual work plans, clear direction and put forward improvement measures.
        (B) the written summary of issues needing attention

        1. To conclude, the full possession of material. Preferably through different forms, to listen to views from all sides to understand the situation, or to sum up the idea of an attempt to put forward with all aspects of the cadres and masses to discuss. Leadership must be avoided out of ideas to the masses, to find the facts and writing style.

        2. We must seek truth from facts, not exaggerated achievements, shortcomings do not reduce, let alone fraud. This is the analysis, the basis of the lessons learned.

        3. Structured to make it clear. Summary is written on posters, and of Li Buqing, people will not stand it anymore, even if the saw does not know why, so that summed up the purpose of reach.

        4. To crop a decent, suitable of detail. The nature of materials, there are phenomena; are important, there are secondary, and writing go to weed. Summary of the problem should be the primary and secondary, the points of detail, the detail of the carry out a detailed, the abbreviated slightly.

        5. Summary of the specific writing, can first talk, and then write the first draft by hand, further discussions and revisions. Preferably by the principal responsible person of the pen, or in person chairing the discussion, drafting, revising.
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Personal Work Summary