How to write progress report by

Body in the workplace, many people have to from time to time to write individual debriefings. So, debriefing report how to write it? If you want to understand, we might refer to this article.
        ① at the beginning of

        At the beginning, also known quotations, the general account of representation of the natural circumstances, including when to any post changes in circumstances and background; job responsibilities and the objectives and tasks during the period of assessment and personal awareness; due diligence on the overall valuation of their work to determine the scope of work reports and tone. This part should be written in clear and concise, giving the listener the impression to be a general.

        ② main

        Main body, is a progress report by the center. In fact, the debriefing report with the summary report about a person's work, mainly to write performance, practices, experience, experience or lessons learned, problems, written to emphasize the following aspects:

        The party and state principles and policies, law and order and directed the implementation situation; right superior completion of assigned matters; to complete the task in charge of the case; work out what ideas, taken measures to make what decisions, What are the practical problems to solve and correct deviations which do the actual work which has made what results; personal thinking style, professional ethics, integrity and concern for the masses in politics and other conditions; write the main problems, and analysis of issues arising from reasons, the presentation of future suggestions for improvement and measures.

        This part, it is written in concrete, substantial, reasonable, well-organized. As this part covers a wide range, and high quantity, it should itemize item to write. 'Article', 'item' should pay attention to the relationship between the internal logic arranged. In addition, you can also attached to the next stage of individual work plans.

        ③ the end of the

        Concluding remarks at the end of most writers. With 'the above report, please review the', 'the above report, please review the', 'wish to report, please review the', 'report for your leadership and comrades criticized the corrections' and so to wind up.

        4. Inscription

        Debriefing report, dated, written on the trip name and trip date or the date written. Signature can be placed under the heading, you can also put the end of the text.
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