How to write summary of work in October

Time is like water twinkling of an eye, we should go away in October. For the work with in terms of us, writing in October summing up the work of the time is up. So, summing up the work in October how to write it? In order to facilitate you, the following provides a summary report of the work of Fan in October, only for your information reference.
        Another month passed, the National Day holiday is over, feeling like time flies bid farewell to autumn in October. Foreign Language College work-study sub-centers this month, the CPC has done a lot of work, personal work summary report are as follows now.

        First last month to open up jobs outside the old areas of gold in the 11 the first week after the holidays had been carried out to implement posts. We placed a total of six freshmen, and in accordance with the school on the off-campus student job security this affords the provisions of the respective organizations and manufacturers signed a new 'off-campus students in Southwest University of Technology, work-study agreement', as the wages and guarantee the security of .

        The second work-study in accordance with the unified arrangement of the school, all the staff of our department in the ongoing five-day Southwest University of Technology, work-study training cadres and officers, which relates to professional knowledge, psychological training and capacity training. Through this training, our students work-study center and sub-centers have a deeper understanding of the importance and necessity of their work have a more thorough understanding of the deep with the brothers by College friendship, and is also conducive to my door the next step work.

        3rd Department of the school work-study center will soon carry out tutoring tutor training, which will be the largest ever in a tutor training in the most formal. Institute of Foreign Languages learn language according to their strengths, access to slightly more than any other college faculty quota. Our Branch is responsible for the work of faculty registration. We put up a notice to arrange for the registration information officers, and the list of reported to the person in charge of the school over there. In addition, we also responsible for tutoring in the School of collecting the work of the Ministry of signs in 18 of all students creative Received faithfully handed.

        The fourth school in the sixth Games, our department is responsible for college drinking fountains base camp guard, presentation and payment of health maintenance of cleaning and order. Our department to arrange a day, ministers and three officers on duty at the base camp, the real emergency will be done, there must be Yes. At the same time assist in the afternoon of the 20th Wenyi Bu venue for the welcome party to do layout work.

        Department of Foreign Languages School attendance
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