How to write a personal work summary

We often write personal work is mainly summed up the work already done review, analysis, and referred to the height of the theory certainly has been achieved, noting that lesson to be learned in order to do better in the future. So, how to write a person's work concluded it?
        Summing up the work of many different types, such as the ideas sum up, learning summary of summing up the work of production, summing up the work, personal work summary, the collective sum up, stage summing up, quarterly summing up the work, summing up the work term and so on. These are just a different point of demarcation have different names. However, there is writing on the general rule.
        First, the work of summing up the format of
        Summing up the general format for the title, introduction, main body, at the end of four parts.
        Title is the name of the summary, and sometimes can be the main contents of the nature of the title, if they can not express the full meaning when, in being under the heading can then be subtitled. Such as' sum up my thoughts

Personal Work Summary