How to write a summary of work?

For half a year has passed, went to the overwhelming conclusion of the time to write. How to write a summary of work then? To save the world to save people, the author will write summing up the work, and I hope that everyone will enjoy to work in the summary how to write.
        Point one: the length should be long enough
        Hard dry year, the performance of how the key to look at this 'summing up' the weight. Fortunately, if restrictions on number of words can be according to 'cap value' to write. If there are no restrictions on number of words may make a little trouble to pay attention to inquire about other units of the length of how long the same level, so have a frame of reference in order to 'eyesight'. Otherwise, silly, focusing instead on writing half a day, heads of state, 15 did not know that someone wrote a 20 page, in the momentum of the flew of disadvantage, would not come to naught?
        To achieve its length, in addition to painstaking efforts to write a relentless pass, there is a shortcut

Personal Work Summary