How to write the first half of summing up the work?

How to write the first half of summing up the work? In order to better facilitate the work of people writing in 2009 summed up the first half of the following on to sell, for example, to teach you how to write the first half of summing up the work.
        1, the situation is an overview of
        An objective presentation of tasks accomplished, the accomplishments achieved, use the data speak.
        For example: This year's sales tasks assigned by the number of indicators, the actual number of completed sales tasks, exceeding the task or what the gap is from the task, the number of consumers per capita, compared with last year's growth rate is the amount of the expenditure by the how to complete the profit margin. How much market share compared with last year increased the number of the product see the number of freight rates is to raise or lower. Dealer Network situation, A Class, B Class, C Class have a few, how the sales force and so on. Only reported that the special needs of large accounts and explain the data, without reported detailed accounts, or else become a data analysis report.
        2, a brief analysis of
        To address the above facts (data), a brief analysis of its causes, is the industry's situation and the reasons for competing products, company policies, or other reasons.
        3, in particular, shows
        If the successful experience of the company's other market guide, the need for simple, vivid expression of a typical case of a successful or experience, allowing companies to advertise to boost morale, or in other marketing. If the operation of the regional market, there exists an obvious lack of, or serious problems that need to shortcomings and problems for in-depth analysis of issues such as network building, sales force issues, new product development issues, consumer communication and startup problems, to find The underlying causes of problems, analyze the problem lies in that a part of segment, such as advertising promotions than the furnace, the difference is almost. In addition, at the end may also be sold on to write the second half of the work plan.
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