How to write a sales summary?

For the salesperson, the writing is the work of summing up the work an essential matter. So how to write sales summary then?
        Sales sum up how to write? Sales data analysis. The use of scientific and accurate data speak, so that was reasonable, simple, real, effective, and reflect the 'use of scientific data, seize market opportunities' capabilities.

        (1) The overall data analysis: as a great manager for this data analysis should be adopted, reflecting your 'region' global thinking and management (with comparative and competitive brand sales data).

        (2) the jurisdiction of provincial-level data analysis: specific to each province, cities and data analysis to reflect your understand the various regions, markets, marketing and sales (with comparative data with the competing brands).

        3) brand, category data analysis: by brand, category data analysis, to reflect you understand the different brand, category sales ratio, market share, input and output ratio.

        4) terminal sales data analysis: the use of the retail market data speak, to reflect the end you understand the sales and operating conditions (with and Competition brand sales comparison data).
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