2012 practice nurses nursing summary

2012 practice nurses, nursing summary

College, someone asked me, most want to do, what I most regret that time, I sincerely think, I want to Haohaodizuo a nurse it is my future, and even more my life, so, I most want to do is to try not to regret it, seriously to face the next may occur in everything.

Central Hospital training for three months, lot of emotion. My deepest into the departments to the homely feel.

Internship at the monthly switch departments, is my most reluctant to face the unfamiliar environment, often spend a lot of my time to run before you enter into the clinical training, I did a lot of assumptions, thinking perhaps As in the past practice is so embarrassed to run each other's tacit agreement. Until the feed into two ...... I can not help but say, I was honored to have a good harmonic sense, let me quickly learned what to do, where to start. All beginnings are hard, when you have been understand where to begin, the kind of flustered feeling will disappear, and gradually mix in there.

"Home" is a rendering very hot and the word, in need of such heat and, not just us, I think, the sick, more than we need this type of feeling.

Endocrine learning two months from the initial strange, to come to know by now can stand on the patient's eyes, not specifically flustered face of the subject he would give him an answer. Endocrine many patients are diabetic more to make the freshman part are old patient, on the department is familiar with their words, hospitals like them another home there, I am filled with deep a old man, he is a old diabetic patient, when I first entered within two training, he in the hospital, his condition gradually improved, his family to his home to the infirmary. less than a month sicker sent in. live nearly in January, the condition have been controlled, organized and discharged this at home, did not stay long exacerbations, once again into the hospital since then, they kind of come and go several times, until a critical condition into the hospital after the emergency is still in the hospital by now. Later, I asked him the home did not follow the doctor accountable to do what? His wife said, ah, but his heart is not practical.


I think, indeed, many patients will have such a feeling in the hospital, a doctor, nurse, he felt safe in the subconscious, he has been home to shift a position.

Indeed, beside many such patients. Greeting you with a smile, and perhaps has become a stone of his heart, to suppress his coming unrest.

Doctor more than a minute to explain, nurses and more greetings, infusion, a simple self-first volume, when the patient Zhang, warm a "What do you want?" Not only allows us to melt into the inside, leaving the patient find a home back to the sense of belonging. believe the accident will thank than quarrel will be less favored by the more than doubt, recognition will be more.

So we can really operate the home, care of the family, strengthen the family!

Under the same sky, breathe the same air.

Back to the case - our "home".

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