College internship report

Practical purposes: in the office of public institutions able to skillfully handle the daily administrative affairs, familiar with the organizational structure of institutions and the basic operation and management process. To apply the theoretical knowledge in practice, be verified and innovation, and strive to provide the theory for practice guidance, the theory serves practice, deepen their understanding of the theory of knowledge and understanding and flexible use of the knowledge and actively master the knowledge and skills outside of books, master interpersonal skills, develop team spirit and team spirit, understanding, communication and coordination mechanisms to increase and expand their knowledge and deepen the contacts and understanding of social reality, understand the fundamentals of today's society, as soon as possible after graduation into the workplace, and lay a good foundation.

Internships and job profile: Baoji Vocational and Technical College is the period of April 2003 People's Government of Shaanxi Province, Baoji City, seven secondary schools in the merger of a full-time college-level universities and colleges, schools adhering to centuries of educational tradition, and optimization educational resources, has been formed to education, engineering, medicine, agriculture, management and other five categories based, high melting, secondary vocational education, vocational skills training, adult education in one of the school structure, is the Northwest's largest, the number of most, the fastest-growing vocational schools.

My internship jobs for students at the student, the department's main responsibilities are: hospital-wide student responsible for the ideological and political education and daily management of the centralized management of student thinking and student work and the regular meeting of the organization of work, responsible for student ideological and political education and management planning, planning, review, drafted and revised the scope of the rules and regulations, and organize the implementation, organization of school education, students, professional and ideological education, is responsible for student teacher, counselor ranks , business training, performance evaluation and recognition awards, is responsible for the moral, intellectual, physical, comprehensive evaluation and reward, fee remission, student loans, work-study grants, and work hard, make new report with the related work; responsible for the graduates quality follow-up survey work; responsible for the training of student leaders, training, responsible student card, badge production, distribution, management, military and political training to help make the students work, is responsible for mental health education and counseling, is responsible for the departmental file , archive the data, coordinating, guiding various departments (the Department of Student Office.

Internship: I just started the business to be carried out is not familiar with, so do some basic things from the start, telephone inquiries and statistical report of new faculties, production forms, print materials, answer the phone. Do file printing, binding and distribution of a day to day school students at the mailbox to retrieve the mail every morning before going to work well in the Office of Health and clean-up at night to help the teacher check the students' instructor duty, and to find out the students on attendance and discipline of study up later gradually School students participate in a regular meeting on Monday week, and in a timely manner on the work of students involved in student guidance and day to day management of students and graduates in the relevant certificate issued by Participating Student Management System daily management, time management systems to input data to answer student questions related to consulting work, good explanation of the problem of students work to do newspaper files and other sort of information archiving.

Practice and Experience Summary

Internship through the forty days or so, I have the following aspects of experience.

First, the profession too theoretical, too bad the actual operational Administrative Management major

Political science, economics and management science and other disciplines mainly theoretical knowledge of these subjects in the present work, the use of very little. Even if the use is generally invisible to use, it is difficult in a short time they should show the value to the contrary, some of the skills of knowledge, such as office software, and documents the actual use of pre-writing and other skills, can quickly applied to the actual work, and all of a sudden it shows the value, efficiency of work of great help in the school freshman, the school has established a computer-based courses, because of how science is not proficient, coupled with the school how often after never used before, so the use of basic office software, very strange, a direct result of training at the beginning with some of the more complex forms are usually do not, it was really ashamed, and good teachers in multi-Sun pointing under these basic office software is gradually master, able to cope with the handling of routine administrative matters in the school knew nothing about the operation of the printer, this practice has mastered the operation of the printer while also fixed telephone understanding of some features, such as call transfer. the use of fax machines has also been understood. back to school, to increase the basic operation of computers and documents dealing with skills such as writing and learning and research efforts.

Throughout the forty days or so of practice, I deeply felt, the administration of the theory of professional knowledge, help people to change the traditional concepts, raise awareness of the problem of people the ability to facilitate people to look at the new daily administration of science affairs, but on the solution of specific things they look powerless. This requires us how the macroscopic theory of knowledge and routine administrative matters are handled perfectly together, the penetration of theoretical knowledge to practical work, which requires daily continue to explore the work of research and innovation, so in the future can officially go to work after successful completion of more complex tasks.

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Internship Summary