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February 2009 to April period of two months, I practice in ** This is the first official foot work and social integration, starting with a completely different life in the time every day to work, work During the time to carefully complete their tasks, can not be rushed through the motions.

My major is ** ** work how much is in the professional counterparts. "In college is not knowledge, but something called self-learning ability." Participate in work in order to deeply understand the meaning of this sentence.

My work is more similar to the clerk's work usually is to deal with a variety of documents and answer the phone, most of the time is in line with our department's work tasks, the first two to three weeks we are in the finishing department in 2008 file, this is a great need careful work in strict accordance with Dushu Lake Library file sorting rules. Each volume file name on the cover, inside front cover and the volume of pro forma table headers and footers to be and file the same name on the box, which is a small detail, but it is not aware of this because of the small details that led to the file I want to have to be re-finishing a good turn over. At first, I feel no need to change, but suddenly thought of the class when the teacher talked about, save the file to be in strict accordance with the provisions of the reason is because in the future work to facilitate access to people, so I stop and correct all the errors the same time, through our departmental files finishing, and I basically know all the work of our department's processes and tasks, so that I work for the library have a new understanding.

After that I participate in some of our department operations, such as the Novelty, the original transmission, etc., this time we will use some of the school's professional knowledge, but also feel a combination of theory and practice of a sense of accomplishment in the ** I try to do under the guidance of a new subject of investigation, the first in China to find online journals and more relevant papers on the subject, this work did not bother me, I soon found in the literature about ten after which, ** so that I look at the Dialog platform free of charge related to the topic, foreign literature, then, I met a problem --- I have never been in the Dialog to retrieve documents. Thus, under the guidance of the ** I started to learn how to Dialog free platform they need to retrieve the literature, we must first learn to develop search strategies, initially with the title search, enter the appropriate search terms, search type, search results can intuitively judge their own search strategy developed with the check for new issues relevance in search of new business in each case, should have a relevant patent, because the subject of investigation is to see whether the new novel, patent search is to determine whether a new topic based on one of the major novelty. Had never come into contact with patent information, under the guidance of the ** I Drug Future and the State Intellectual Property Office website --- patent search site to find a few topics of patent information, a basic familiarity with the patent search process. These basic skills and information retrieval skills practice deepened my understanding of theoretical knowledge school, I used to think in the abstract knowledge in these practice suddenly concrete, alive, I think these will definitely have my work has a future a big impact.

Then participated in the activities of our department **, before finishing our department when I file a preliminary understanding of the process of organizing an event, is now involved, it was found that many are not so easy to get on the surface looks from doing budget and final accounts to send invitations to the layout of the venue and then finishing the work write press releases, each branch are permeated with the sweat of everyone in our department the whole event was organized to be very successful, most of the staff have responded well to participate and I from learned a lot about the knowledge and experience in organizing activities, these and organize activities in school is completely different.

Finally, members of the Personnel telephone feedback, I also recognize the work of his own work, lack of full understanding of the background knowledge needed to work, so many questions I would ask the user ** to answer, these are in future work needs to be improved, it also told me that no matter what future work should be fully prepared to be competent, must not have the slightest chance.

Overall, this two-month internship period, I broadened the horizons, increase of knowledge and experience to the brutal social competition, and more is to accumulate their own work experience in all aspects, their own path for the future start to prepare.

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