Metalworking report 600 words

Referred to work. I do not know why so many teachers greeted us, but we work on the first day late, a full half an hour. Is such that there are people complaining did not have breakfast. Is really a lazy lazy!

Metalworking is in two weeks time to do a hammer, there are three or four processes, we need to do first group is filing process is grinding an iron ingot, quite heavy, about pounds for it. This is some trouble , mill for two hours, just a type, not according to how much the work of. have no choice but to go.

Now, I'm sitting in the dormitory, watching the hand was dyed green, and my heart was felt uneasy.

Is this some time ago, read a book called currency war inside talking to the world something about capitalist exploitation, which would reveal the nature of money. In fact, money is not wrong, it would be wrong in the use of money people. They trust other people to give with one hand and the invisible visible role in the brain together to divide the property of others sometimes feel that it is a very frustrating thing, most people are not in terms of power because they had to live under the rules set by others, while those who claim to represent the people who actually employed in those cold people. For those people, their moral is the moral wealth. For this, they are proud of our hard work, will be free to go get someone else's hands, and we are unaware. Is it just that the history of it?

Although my progress is not fast, but it is four hours, I can use what little effort to measure, and if so give me three dollars. So to tomorrow, 3 quick depreciation of 20% depreciation of that part of it where it?

Internship Summary