Internship report of the judicial police station

Practice were: Professional: Judicial Assistant class: class justice internships: Yudu Lo Au town police station

Practice time: 200 ~ years ~ ~ May Day - May 16, 2011

200 years to months to days since my internship at the police station, I benefited a lot through this practice in this I should pay tribute to the police station. Is their selfless before I learn to teach these in the classroom do not always learn The time to knowledge for my future to accumulate a certain amount of public security work experience!

During the internship I mainly work and learning content is to assist the police station dealing with minor public order cases and some criminal cases along with their patrol the streets. Patrols really tired, especially the evening, the road was less Exalted poor, wandering aimlessly around the dark with only exacerbate fatigue, a night shift down, people's reaction is extremely slow, do not even feel alive. control of street social order. night to sell supper, put stalls, and so packed, people have stolen stolen complex may at any time. for simple household back office work, filing materials. in dealing with police and then accompanied the police to deal with mass incidents! handling cases only by procedures in handling cases, but also pay special attention to a variety of criminals who are illegal and criminal psychology, there are a lot of people just because of the life force slip, these people are compassionate. Zuigao Jian modify quality standards not to prosecute the case: because life without the chance theft of minor offenders may be prosecuted on this number of people a lot of relief, from which I only realized the police station, police station, especially the hard work and Chengguan complex. also the work of grass-roots public security risk. more deeply appreciate the detailed work. Good patience, scientific and reasonable arrangement to ensure that police on duty received a public warning and the emergence of unexpected emergencies promptly and effectively sent out a force to control developments in the shortest possible time, to combat crimes may further expand the impact of crimes within a minimum impact. safeguard social stability, to ensure the building of a harmonious society in the public security police work how important it is! in the inside, listening to the police who complain the most are: bitter, tired, to do everything do and what the police should take, what the police should be out, people do not understand our work, they also lamented not become less convenient, less of the available means, the written material more, do more than before a. Because they are the police station the police were ready to work magic and life! mean!

Remind me at the police station, pay attention to the case when dealing with the cases and the nature of their duties! Scene work capacity do not know their responsibilities. Do not know the situation well, but there is no way to work! Example: received a call in a yellow XX female police said his bike stolen. and the basket on the car phone, bag stolen, after a simple inquiry. the value of goods and finally he said about 2,000 yuan! so I let him into the vice squad to the results .. imagine / the police vice squad a call directly to us in the Q just is not someone to us that the alarm when the time .... my answer is welcome meal is to blame .. the original and in accordance with the vice squad in the division of labor in such cases is to return our jurisdiction. Needless to say my last meal being a director of the "soft stab" attack!

Here, I learned many business skills, held a ticket, take off material, produced files, or even hand over a captured suspected illegal escape more important is the profound sense of their own police, learned to be strong and patient, recognize the importance of public security work and complexity, with the practice continues, more and more comprehensive engagement with the community, a better understanding of police work and understanding, a new outlook on life and values ​​are formed during this period. learn objective , a comprehensive look at the problem, realizing that in practical work in ordinary speech the importance of "paper come Zhongjue know this practice is essential." brief internship in the process, I deeply feel the superficial knowledge and expertise in the practical application of the lack of knowledge, the beginning of the period of time, was unable to start on some of the work, at a loss what to do, it makes me feel very sad at school always think they also learn Yes, once exposed to real, they find that they know how little time really to understand that "life-long learning" means. strengthen their belief in the future to do police work!

With the completion of graduate training, I will leave internships. Back to school to finish their last course of study. Busy in their own school-related matter, but the internship experience has taught us go in the future regardless of whether the public security work, We must seriously study and careful work, attention to social, observing life, work and influence each other, learn from each other and progress together. internship gives me is not just a social experience, it is an asset in my life. Even more gratifying is During the internship I also met some good friends, they have given me a lot of help saying: paper come Zhongjue. not the theory into practice is deep enough in. Today universities are based on theory Lord, have the opportunity to go into the police station off the West practice, for me, is benefited and I soon graduated into society, I believe this practice to work for me in the future help. thank all who helped me during this period people! this internship for me is a valuable asset! worth chewing slowly came back ....

Internship Summary