2009 Cashier Work Summary

Cashier at the end of the year when many do not know how to write summing up the work. In order to make us grasp the work of summing up the cashier how to write, the following compiled a summary of work in 2009 cashier Fan, for reference.
        1, performance of duty
    In 2009 through the competitive selection for employment, I was hired three staff of a stall, he served as Head Finance Department cashier. In the absence of dry cashier, some people said that the financial work, cashier work is the dirtiest of the most tired of living, review and sum up an entire year's work, I do not think so. Here, I will personally work summary report are as follows:
        A down-and do basic work of cashier work plan.
        I not only do the cashier and the cashier is responsible for all aircraft in the first place should be very careful not to make any mistakes, no one can count on Shaoyi Fen. Therefore, reimbursement each time, I will count the money twice each point twice. Do stocktaking daily checkout work, do a good job of cash inventory sheet, the monthly bank reconciliations at the end do the work, do a good job statements, bank reconciliation balance. Reconciliation of accounts do a good job and accounting work, and strive to not go wrong.
        Payment of wages is even more need for care and caution. This is directly related to each person's interests. Because the cashier's heavy workload, so every time wages, I have to add a few night shifts towards the payment of wages on time to each person's salary deposit was.
        2, smiling face, good service.
        The financial work of the cashier's window positions, and the organs of the various departments opportunities for contact. Meanwhile, the financial work is a more post-secondary work, those who do not understand, I will patiently explained to him seriously, and strive to provide good service to facilitate everyone's reimbursement.
        3, do individual work plans, Dousoujingshen and do a lot of work
        As the financial staff, therefore, I, and now the cashier to keep a close watch Jijian Ban and overseas the work of the Ministry of cashier, ** Ji Jianban year rolled out the construction work began, the business volume increase, while overseas department of the volume of business is also great, so , I have to review very carefully and do the work of all of the cashier.
        Basically every day like this to spend the morning at 8 o'clock to come to office, after the complete cleaning of cash checks, transfer of checks and money orders, 9 o'clock to the bank transfer, withdraw funds are accounted for the morning, afternoon finishing certificate, remember a good journal, stocktaking. Monthly Checkout, reconciliation, while at the end of the plus 3 to 4 days when classes do pay.
        2, learning and thinking of building
        While at work, I strive to learn the financial knowledge, participated in the accounting exams and graduate school entrance exams, and strive to reserves of knowledge, to better perform their duties for their own preparedness.
        Actively participated in activities organized by the company to participate in 'glorious history, a great feat' long march commemoration of the event, touched me a great come back after I specifically bought this 'Biography of Mao Zedong' learning, I think we should learn from the revolutionary predecessors They kind of spirit of hard struggle to do their job.
        Third, the financial situation of the work of building
        This year, and leading together to promote the use of online banking payment of wages of the work, take advantage of this new tool to avoid payroll mistakes is a big step forward. Meanwhile, the processing of credit card, and gradually start to use online banking for reimbursement of work to facilitate everyone. Later, we should take steps to promote financial innovation. To achieve safe and efficient.
        Those are my one-year summary of the work, please do criticize shortcomings.
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