Fan individual year-end accounting summary

This article is a summary on a year-end accounting Personal Fan, if you have to write personally do not know when summing up the work can be found below, to master a good job summary writing skills, write a good summary of the work.
        200X Year X month X day of work basically came to an end, here I only briefly summarize what I said in this year's work.
        In September 2009 I was fortunate enough to be hired XXXXXXX at XX training. October 8 at the official inauguration in Shanghai, has been more than four months time.
        Shanghai XX Finance Minister Lee and I are only two people. So, I am in charge the cashier and accounting support work. Work began, fewer personnel and miscellaneous work, business and more and I have a number of post exercise in busy work, hone their own, they often work overtime familiar with their own work in a short time into his new role and in line with the summer Minister by discipline and doing the financial work.
        Finance Department staff has been less, and we do not have a separate office, an office of four departments within the organization. However, Minister Lee and organization, can properly handle the prioritization of work. Ministry of Finance can not do without daily receipt and payment of funds and financial expense account, book-keeping exercise. This is the Ministry of Finance of the most common of the most arduous work. Over the past year, we have time for the various internal and external economic activities due support. Basically, the various departments to meet the financial requirements of our department. As Shanghai is the planning stage, engineering, production and logistical needs a huge amount of money, the monthly cash flow will have tens of millions. While the cash-flow large and cumbersome, but we are 'serious, careful, strict' style of work, the funds of the collection and payment secure, accurate, timely and there has never been any mistakes. Various economic activities of enterprises will eventually show the way out of financial data. In the financial accounting due diligence work, I have to seriously deal with each of a business, to save the expenses incurred by the company to do their best.
        Shanghai late this year, Northern Bolivia's first-phase project is nearing completion, and equipment and production phase started. With the continuous expansion of the business, accounting, the transactions become increasingly important. To improve efficiency, so that the calculation of accounting and registration from the original work freed. We have carried out in December the implementation of computerized accounting, financial software that is used NEWGRAND A3, although the system started not too stable, but the work has been reflected in the high efficiency. This saves us time, but also greatly enhanced the data query functions, for the financial analysis has laid a good foundation, so that the financial work to a new level.
        Ministry of Finance in addition to dealing with serious and responsible manner within the company financial relations, to achieve the task of this unit, but also properly handle the various aspects of external financial relations. And external to establish and maintain good links. This year the Finance Department to properly handle the friendly exchanges in various units in the amount of income and expenditure. At the same time with the banks to establish a good relationship between banks and enterprises with tax authorities have established a good relationship between tax prices and the successful completion of statistics, tax information and other departments of the declaration.
        The new year for myself and set new goals and work plans, it is necessary to step up to study and better equip themselves with full mental state to meet the challenges of the new era. Next year there will be more opportunities and competition in waiting for me, my heart in secret for himself and inspiring. To be in competition on solid footing. Earth manner, and his eyes can not be limited to a small circle around itself, we should focus on the overall situation, focus on future development. I will also brief the other comrades learn from each other and mutual exchange of good work and experience, and common progress and strive for better performance.
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