The work of the company's financial year-end summary Fan

Time Rusuo, blink of an eye turn a year across the threshold, looking back-looking, although not spectacular conquests, but also considered going through a period of extraordinary challenge and sharpen. However, summing up the work went to the writing time. How to master a good job summing up the work of summing up the format and writing skills, introduction of a special Xiaobian Fan summing up the work - the work of the company's financial year-end summary Pham Van and hope that we all know how to write summing up the work. This article is for reference only!
        Financial operations of more than 20 years and has written nearly 20 copies of year-end summary Ordinarily, the pursuit of progress in each of us who inevitably will be some year-end inventory Suishou right itself. It is also a spur for their own bar.
        ** ** As a Group, a subsidiary of the company, the Finance Department is ** one of the company's key sectors, internal financial management standards required to be constantly upgraded to cope with external taxation, auditing and financial and other organs of the inspection, control Tax policy and rational use. During the year the entire Finance Department staff hard working, all work together to carry down. Finance Department's comprehensive ability to work ** years than a further step. Review about this past year, leaders and department managers in the company under the correct leadership, our work focuses on the company's operating principles, purpose and effectiveness of objectives, tightly focused around the work, followed by the company's various work arrangements. In accounting, management has done a share of responsibility. To sum up experience, consolidate the achievements, overcoming the deficiencies, now ** years of work to make the following brief review and summary.
        This year's work can be divided into the following three aspects:
        A cost of cost management
        1. Standardizes the accounting for inventories of materials management, and strict control of material stocks reasonable level of reserves to reduce the amount of funds used. Established the material requisitioned from the store system, regardless of whether it is necessary to change the original, regardless of which department to use, and regardless of quantity purchased, are an amortized from the date of purchase to a certain fuzzy cost accounting department.
        2. In the original fine delineated on the basis of cost management, increased transportation costs, project management, the actual consumption of each vehicle category, the calculation of the cost of the project, a true reflection of the current period for each vehicle transportation costs. Performance management for the transport vehicles to provide reference.
        2, Basic Accounting
        (1) seriously implement the 'accounting', and further strengthening the financial base of the financial officers guide the work, regulate the preparation of accounting vouchers, strict rationality of the original documents for review, and strengthen the management of accounting files. For all costs by department, project imputation classification of common costs will be assessed at the end of the carry-over reflects the sector effectiveness.
        (2) the national financial sector Colette the company's financial rating for the first time. We have no pre-prepared under the premise of a sudden inspection, but the Changning District Finance Bureau, or on the basis of the company's financial management Colette affirmed. To Colette the company's financial rating scores are also assessed group's history, assessment to the highest points in a company.
        (3) The prescribed time for the preparation of the Company and the Group financial statements for the needs of all types and timely reporting of the taxes. In the group mid-year audit, taxation and fiscal year-end pre-trial examination, actively cooperate with the relevant team.
        Third, financial accounting and management
        (1) according to the company as well as the operating point of call for division of revenue, cost monitoring, verification, and to develop appropriate financial system. Unified accounting caliber, daily work, timely communication and close contact and pay attention to the work of some of their guiding opinions, and all branches, operating point of the accounting department has established good relations of cooperation.
        (2) The correct calculation of sales tax and personal income tax, and promptly and fully pay taxes, actively cooperate with the tax authorities of tax returns using the new software, the timely detection of problems and violation of tax laws and regulations to be corrected, and tax departments to maintain communication and contact to obtain their support and guidance.
        (3) in a tight spare time, strengthen team-building, build a business full, enthusiastic and team work. As a manager, subordinates to do the full 'police were long, the length of employment, the length of poly people, disabled people long', give full play to their initiative and work motivation. To improve the overall quality of the team and establish a pioneering and innovative, practical and highly effective new image of sectors.
        (4) as the primary manager, I am fully aware of their is a manager, but also an enforcer. To take a good a team, in addition to familiar with the business, is also responsible for specific work and business, we must first set a good example, so as to ensure that personnel tight situation, we are able to take the initiative to undertake the work.
        The new year means a new starting point, new opportunities, new challenges, we are determined to make persistent efforts to scale new heights. ** Years, we will provide financial management into the fine, fine need-based financial management 'to ensure the smooth flow of working capital', 'to ensure that investment returns', 'improve financial management tools', etc., so that sufficient financial management of the company to do fine meticulous. Is necessary to 'fine' as a starting point, so that attention to detail, for each post, each of a specific sector of business, have set up a corresponding cost of imputation. And financial management of the tentacles extended to the company's various business areas, through the exercise of financial oversight functions, develop financial management and service functions, financial management, 'zero' corner, and tap the potential value of financial activities. Although the refinement of financial management has an extremely complex matter, in fact, is the so-called 'world is difficult starts easy, and the world events began in fine'.
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