2009 Summary Financial Personal Work Fan

Financial workers at the end of the work should be how to write a summary? In order to facilitate you, the following provides a summary of work in 2009 the Finance Personal Fan, only for Members hope to experience from the work of summing up how to write.
        Over the past year, we in the Council under the guidance of Planning, Finance Division, according to the annual work points, the focus on strengthening management, to ensure the effectiveness of the priority of such a center, and actively work completed by higher authorities one month in advance of the economic indicators and a complete Board and the company completed the assigned tasks. Now my company over the past year's financial summary report are as follows:
        First, strengthen theoretical study and improve the ideological quality and professional level.
        We insist on the strengthening of theoretical study and improve the quality of the level of ideological and financial staff in the first place. This year, the Bureau of Planning, Finance Division under the guidance of my company's financial staff to further study the new 'accounting method' new 'corporate accounting system' and the specific accounting standards and accounting computerization, etc., achieved very good results. Learning of professional knowledge, corporate finance departments have also actively participated in the company organized by the 'Three Represents' important thought and the Fifth Session of the Party's Shiliu Tai, the Sixth Plenary Session and other learning activities, through collective learning and self-study, combined with the actual talk about my feelings, writing experience, improve our political and theoretical level and professional skills, effective in promoting the company's spiritual civilization construction and the smooth development of all the work. This year, the company's financial department

Financial Summary