2009 annual summary report of a person's work

This article is the year 2009 summary report of a person's work, only for you reference, hope that we learn to master the work of summing up how to write, and for their own personal end of the year to build a good summing up the work, from which to gain experience, making the work of the coming year to better our country.
        Our Time Rusuo half a year's work twinkling of an eye will also become history, this statement here today sitting, I think more proud to say with pride: 'a farming scene of a harvest, I do not live up to the expectations of the leadership'. However, in recent phase of the inspection and warehouse manager of the theoretical results of the examination, let me and really see the financial management of many of the weaknesses, as the finance department the primary responsibility for leadership, and I can not shirk responsibility. 'Pragmatic, realistic and focus on practice', the control the company's lean management of high standards and strict requirements, the only way to adjust their own ideas first, and completely change their concepts, from a new perspective and re-examine their own work in order to bring the work of the real implemented into practice. Next, I will personally work of this year's summary report are as follows:
        First, since the beginning of the line staff throughout the Ministry of Finance has not been too stable, big and small, pressure on the body, often attach importance to this head has been neglected apart, Wang Dan, a nod of light heavy legs could not carry out all-round management; their Second, staff is not stable enough to work into the fatigue state, a vicious circle, leading to the work of thinking was not clear, ignore the administrator's business training. Third, the subjective thought has been shaken, not given its own pressure, not really into the role; its four neglected team management, and leadership at all levels, lack of communication between the various departments; the five work thinking there is no sense of innovation , such as management by objectives is not clear thinking, performance management, have not done enough problems with post-processing effort is not enough;
        The above points are my department and the individual the most important root of the problem exists, the financial sector as one of the main functions of the company's supervisory department, 'a good home and good fiscal reasons to better serve the business' is my bounden duty of financial sector . In the companies to strengthen management and regulating economic activity, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, etc., we have a great obligation and responsibility. Only constant reflection and summary of management can be improved!
        'Lack of the advanced search, based on the fundamental contention advanced', a time when the Group Runfa 'tree pacesetter, learning advanced, and promoting development, strive for efficiency' activities, RT-Mart machine also became a pacesetter in the group companies' businesses and Xin Wang The company counterparts red race 'today, as individuals we are to achieve reflect their own personal values, the rise and fall of enterprises is directly related to personal honor, as the financial management department, for the company to achieve a common goal we should all contribute, learn Run Machine six kinds of spirit: pioneering spirit, the spirit of reform and innovation, expand the market spirit, the spirit of lean management, and never meet the spiritual and holistic spirit. This is the spirit we want to run through six kinds of concrete work to go in the second half of work as a finance department the primary responsibility for leadership, for 'how to improve self-service enterprise' This is a compulsory subject, I will continue to enhance learning, improve the self, the 'learning advanced, catch up with advanced and strive to become an advanced' into the work, the focus will be placed on strengthening the warehouse management and financial analysis of the two, the following thoughts on the work plan and make a report to the General Assembly:
        A perfect internal management system, and doing the financial work plans; sector duty to steer clear division of responsibilities, accountability assessment; the internal management system, through the implementation of almost more than a year, there are still many unreasonable, for the enterprise management systems tends to be more perfect, the Finance Department will combine the Group's management requirements, with the relevant departments be amended.
        Sector duty to steer clear division between the responsibilities, in accordance with the responsibility of the beginning of the signing of a contract in place to strengthen the implementation of the organization, leadership and mutual trust between, failing to shift responsibility onto others, do a good job all the help on the charge of responsibility for the content of strengthening the evaluation efforts, so that reward and punishment clear;
        Second, for the spot checks and the warehouse manager of business theory test, rationally adjust the mix of human resources, to continue to enhance the training intensity and warehouse management inspection and supervision;
        This year, the personnel has so far not been stable, the strength of the financial sector is relatively weak, the recent surprise inspection by the administrator's assault examination and warehouses, and we will warehouse you management features, on the one hand will have to re-mix and match officials conduct an efficient and orderly organization, on the other hand continue to strengthen the training, so that every warehouse management personnel must be well versed in various libraries, really driving and cooked on the light, and cultural quality and business management level should have a qualitative improvement, in March this year, a real computer network administrator's level of computer operations to be further improved, we will strengthen training in this area so that each one can be familiar with the computer manager, master computer, a solid increase Each administrator's business management level,
After the meeting we will strictly implement the objectives of management for warehouse managers and performance management, target and reach goals, strengthen assessment and supervision, with wages linked, truly penalties and rewards.
        Fourth, strengthen team-building, give full play to the role of the financial functions:
        The leadership of the Finance Ministry's responsibility, as both a finance staff, but also the organizers of the financial management system, there must be rigorous, honest and meticulous work style and serious working attitude of the line personnel should actively guide, so that permeates to help line staff to solve problems, give full play to the team spirit of cooperation, learning to emulate such advanced, super-advanced, in line to start in contest to play the team's strength,拧成一股绳 , fresh to the one to make; in upholding the principle of At the same time, we insist on 'three satisfaction assured 2', 3 satisfaction is' customer satisfaction for staff satisfaction, satisfaction with the leadership of the various department heads', 2 rest assured that is' at ease so that the leadership group, so that the company's CEOs and Leaders at all levels at ease ';
        5, increase the cost control efforts and give full play to financial accounting and oversight functions;
        This year is the lean management, and benefit satisfaction, the scientific and technological innovation, we will continue to strengthen its control over the cost of the exercise of financial oversight functions of the control of a good audit of the expenditure in the financial accounting of the work of dedicated, careful examination of each processing pen business;
        6, improving financial analysis, in order to provide effective leadership of reference;
        I know that the rational and efficient financial analysis of ideas and methods of enterprise management and decision-making is an important way to raise the level and will make our work more effective, cost analysis of the enterprise to the Shenyang Branch learning workshop masters to learn, to book-learning for the enterprise's production and operation of sales, do a good job of capital preservation point of scale, sales pricing analysis, etc., quantitative analysis of specific financial data, combined with your company's overall strategy for enterprise decision-making and management of financial information to provide effective support;
        7 to strengthen the collection of receivables management, and control of inventory materials and products to improve the financial operation of the quality, reasonable control of the use of funds:
        Company's development so far, production and capital raising, has been a difficult problem, we all know that the body's blood money Jiugen as important as the main features of our company is the large amount of material purchase, production, large-quantity sales of bulk large, to raise funds in financial One of the main functions of the good relationship between banks and enterprises, is a corporate finance bonds, at present we can only receivable management and inventory management control, reduced inventory, reasonable production, control the flow of funds, so that stocks of raw material to ensure that production at the same time control to the bottom line, is particularly tense in capital cases, the Finance Department from the procurement of materials and finished products that a good tracking of funds and effective operation;
        8, continue to do the accounting of salaries and bonuses of various sectors of work:
        This year the company entered into various sectors of responsibility contract, I am the Finance Department will continue to carefully and meticulously and seriously the responsibility of the contract in accordance with strict audit settlement wages, and to organize resources to ensure payment of wages;
        The above work is my main tasks this year the Finance Department, as well as doing a good job with the Group's transition to convergence, waste management, standardize the financial accounting procedures, a series of work is my own work a number of financial, 'lack of the advanced search, based on the fundamental dispute art ', this is not an empty phrase, the bugle call since we have to put the sound and action, the use of team brainstorming, the financial focus of the line thinking about how all staff in the management of innovation, how to make a fuss in the implementation of cost control! In short, the future work, or the responsibility of the leadership of the beginning of the meeting of that sentence: I will continue to sum up and reflection, individual work plans do a good job in 2010 and constantly remind ourselves and enrich the energy, to improve their own quality and operational level in order to to adapt to the times and the development of enterprises, make progress together with you, with the company and grow together.
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