Summary Liwen planning work

Family planning staff, how to write summary of the work? Here is a summary of Liwen planning work, please reference.

This year, my town's population and family planning work, strong in the county under the guidance of Population and Family Planning, adhere to the "Three Represents" and the scientific development concept to guide population and family planning work, firmly implement the Party's Sixteenth Congress, the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixteenth focus on "control of population growth and improve population quality, optimize the structure" the main task, grasping, "three rules one case of a law" and the city County <"On population and family planning work to further strengthen the views of>> the implementation of the spirit, deepen comprehensive reform, speeding up the establishment and improvement," according to management, autonomy, quality service, policies to promote a comprehensive "new working mechanism to construction of high-quality family planning cadres, and actively explore high standards of service models, scientific and standardized and efficient operational mechanism, comprehensively enhance the quality of the work level, for building a well to create a good environment for the population. township family planning rate of 98 %; born population natural growth rate of 5 ‰; township, married women of childbearing age than the 24% of the total population. The following is a summary report personal work over the past year:

First, implement the plan, the "three in place" concrete and effective

Responsibility of clear objectives in place. The beginning of the township party committee, the Government introduced a < "," <Clear responsibilities of various departments to fulfill the notification of family planning advice >>,<< Three Combinations work>> and a series of planning work to strengthen the paper, so that target the Ming and Qing responsibility.

Party and government attach importance to the leadership in place. Township party committee and government held a meeting on a regular basis from time to time, subject to listen to report on planning work, research family planning work, often go to the secretary and mayor of the village, group, family planning work in the hot and difficult issues, the survey research, field office, to address specific issues.

Strict examination of incentive in place. Strict implementation of incentive measures, the family planning goals into the annual assessment of cadres at all levels, and family planning a veto of the village planning work to be commended and awarded the top three after three in the village to be economic, the political penalty, the first village last person primarily responsible for the implementation of duties quit exemption, the withholding of village-township cadres month annual bonus.

Second, do family planning programs, strengthen the publicity, he could feel to Hunyuxinfeng

Village Cultural compound was strengthened. Purchase entertainment products, update information layout, so not only high technology content, illustrations and easy to understand. Newly installed 12 pieces of family planning billboards, banners flashed along the village main road 25.

Communication channels continue to expand. First, the publicity and education into the contingent of cadres under construction. Regularly organized township and village planning cadres "Three Represents" important thought, and "three rules one case of a law," and so on. The second is to promote education into the services being. organizations to disseminate information and technical personnel peasant households scientific knowledge, policies and regulations, contraceptive knowledge and wealth of information; to carry out of gynecological diseases among married women in conducting general surveys and services, a total of more than 1,500 gynecological survey passengers, 1.2 million people of childbearing age face to face training visits, promotional materials released Hunyuxinfeng 3,500. Third, the publicity and education into the new rural construction. township party committee and government organizations, targeted promotional activities to publicize the rich typical spread wealth of information, publicity wealth of experience, and guide the masses to conscientiously fewer babies ran off. current township a total of one-child family took the lead in the 12 individual companies, planting, breeding more than 350 specialized households households, township, and more than 850 two-child families Female household doors to master enrichment technology 1-2. Fourth, the publicity and education into the "Hunyuxinfeng Households" activities. widespread publicity "as good as a boy or girl", "My daughter was preached to generations," " the husband has the responsibility of family planning "and other new fertility culture, the majority of people of childbearing age establish a scientific, civilized and progressive view of fertility.

Third, careful organization, clear base object Rotary Award

Our County Family Planning Commission in accordance with the unified arrangements, strengthen leadership, well-organized, deployed into the rural part of the elite forces to reward family planning assistance to the registration of objects in the survey. Insisted on omitting one person, one person reported to have a good working principle, so that propaganda extensive, thorough investigations thorough and meticulous, rigorous audit checks. investigation and registration information is accurate, the results are satisfactory, people are satisfied. One is to strengthen leadership, set up a leading group of township by the township party secretary personally, relevant departments, related personnel, the Secretary their duties, to carry out all directions. The second is to develop implementation plans to enable investigation and registration rules to follow for the successful completion of thorough investigations to provide a guarantee. Third, the timely issuance of forms, improve training and ensure quality. to the township and village survey staff for business training, through training, so that complete control of the investigators confirmed that the reward to the object conditions, procedures, principles and requirements to improve the standard definition and the ability to grasp, for the successful completion of the work laid the foundation for thorough investigations. Fourth, widely publicized launched to ensure the registration of household surveys. village Party branch secretaries have been held by the village, the village director, family planning professionals to participate in the mobilization of dry twice, sent 17 sets of Publicity (times), posted the reward to confirm the condition of objects more than 150 copies of the notice , flashed signs of Article 300, villages and households of more than 4,500 leaflets were issued. the village households were also hospital will use the masses will, post announcements, posters and other forms of publicity, so that the masses support a comprehensive understanding of the reward system content, object, scope and purpose, so that the work achieved in investigation known, well known. Fifth, strict procedures, adhere to the principle of strict standards. First the good relations the reward to the object registration, apply in writing to individuals, the village committee approach in investigation, preliminary investigation and to meet the conditions for rewarding and supporting the object, while representatives of villagers will hold the object by persons qualified to discuss, discussed and adopted the declaration on the list of villages in the post the host, after the announcement of the posting, have objections to carefully review and no objection to family planning after the village reported. Second, the good publicity off the village for the first time in the village post the period, the rural family planning focus to do the supervision and inspection work, the organization of specialized personnel to conduct inspection and supervision of publicity, and the situation in each village and on-site publicity photo. The third investigation related to good home. to the village reported for the first time in investigation list, based on door-to-person on-site verification by the registration, in strict accordance with requirements of the investigation to determine registration of eligible object. In the household survey, the investigators view the survey account seriously thin, identity cards, marriage certificates, fertility and other relevant documents to confirm the authenticity of the survey answers. in doing a good job on the household survey, also were household objects that meet the requirements for unannounced visits around the neighborhood, focusing on the object asked eligible marital status, reproductive status and condition of existing children, and further improve the accuracy of the information registered objects. The fourth review to good information off. rural family planning, the police station , the Home Office working closely with the household registration data, obstetrical data and information on family planning information and all kinds of files one by one to check the site investigation. focus on verification of the survey's age, reproductive history, whether children born to the nature of policy and the account is true. object information to ensure the quality of investigation and registration. Fifth off to a good secondary publicity. on the investigation and verification of the declaration of the object, required a unified format for rural family planning, respectively, in the administrative affairs of the villages where the object field and qualified for two villages meeting publicity. also released a report contact telephone number, to report the address to report contacts, set up to report cases. clear person responsible for receiving reports from the public, to ensure timely processing of the issue to report, promptly investigate, respond promptly.

Fourth, strict standards, accounting data and information standards

We focus on strengthening the construction of accounting information, so content changes in a timely manner, the information is accurate, the file specification and tidy. To ensure the quality of family planning personnel responsible for the package package village village responsibility to the people, a clear mandate, a deadline. Rural family planning in accordance with the the specific content of accounting information, accounting information designed inspection form, the whole village a good accounting information, by the standards of rural family planning control, one by one inspection, which a qualified accounting information, from the village family planning package Village family planning personnel by specially dry signature; which one failed, in strict accordance with the standard and continue to organize until the pass, effectively ensuring the quality of accounting information. finishing after the standardization of building materials in accordance with accounting standards, accounts and IPPF Enter the computer all the various archives, the establishment of the Family Planning Information Management System for classification of married women of childbearing age to establish a database. the situation of married women of reproductive age married, pregnant love, love education, birth control situation, the health situation, household conditions , and all into the computer management.

V., administration, legal management on track

First, improve the legal system advocacy, in-depth information, "the three rules one case of a law." This year, we adhere to the publicity and education at the same time, continue to strengthen the legal system, we have stressed to do mass work with feelings, but also insist on administration and enforcement of civilization. for all law enforcement officers were trained, the main training <"Population and Family Planning Law >>,<< social compensation fee collection and management methods >>,<< Sichuan Population and Family Planning Regulations>> the relevant regulations. by continuous learning, so that the working methods of law enforcement officers a shift from the past into the enforcement of persuasion and education. done a lot of ideological work within one year of the implementation of remedial measures, all of the implementation of indicators for the implementation of the population has laid a solid basis. The second is to carry out family planning work in strict accordance with <"Population and Family Planning Law >>,<< Sichuan Population and Family Planning>> stipulated in the administration according to law enforcement procedures, issued on Shengyu Zheng, management of floating population, birth control measures to implement, are subject to the contract management, create the file. in the collection of social maintenance fees, the strict legal procedures required written inquiry transcripts, the collection of decisions, improve the repayment schedule and other legal instruments, and by were bound archives. At the same time to carry out duties according to law, and civilized law enforcement activities. do law enforcement officials knowledgeable about the law, deal with the problem according to the law, problem-solving legal.

Sixth, improve the network, the mobile management effectiveness was

Improve the townships and villages, groups, families of four rental management network, and improve a township government, township straight units, the village committee, the private sector is responsible for four systems. On the objective of full implementation at all levels of management network management responsibility, signed their target responsibility, semi-annual evaluation, at the end of the total assessment, the formation of the top leaders personally take charge of specific grasping leadership, at every level, to grasp implementation of management layers. Third, a good job " Quartet Combination ", so that concerted efforts, all-round service. that make full use of the public security department of strict prevention and control system security, the implementation of the floating population journey stack-style management, the head of chip floating population of the area at any time to master; and the business sector combination of the exemplary implementation of family planning policies give priority to the flow of personnel booths, apply for business licenses, etc.; and the combination of civil affairs department, the priority of family planning, helping families, and corporate office contact priority child employment; and education sectors combined, on complete procedures, subject to management of the floating population, giving priority to nursery school for their children. while strengthening the current place of residence and domicile, the mobile population and the links between family members, to grasp the current status of family planning population.

Seven, party attention, building strong family planning association

Family planning association in accordance with the requirements of the county, with the actual situation in my village, township family planning association proposed the "perfect organization, to secure funding, increased publicity, enhanced services," the work of thinking, the activities of the Association to assist Party committees and governments located in family planning work, Villagers continue to promote family planning, in the whole society and promote scientific progress of civilization Hunyuxinfeng yet. party committee and government attach great importance to loving care by the government as deputy president, personally presided over the work of the association, so that family planning will be effectively carried out the work for family planning Association has created a good working environment. township a total of 16 villages, 2 neighborhood communities, the total population of 16,400 people, 2,900 married women of reproductive age, the existing family planning associations in 16, more than 1,800 members of the Association.

Eight, and effective measures, the implementation of five clear effect five

Cities and counties to earnestly implement the spirit of the conference on Population and family planning, according to the South commissioned fat [XX] 30 documentation requirements, combined with my rural practice, since June this year, township Party committees and governments at the township carried out within the firm to "Five Five clean implementation of the" rule of law as the main content of family planning campaigns, family planning regulations by the township, advocacy, investigation and illegal pregnancy and childbirth, and achieved certain results. The first step to clean up at birth. through education, the object of conscious pregnant illegal to implement remedial measures at home, 70% of the illegal objects consciously fertility treatment received, and turned over to the Social Support. Second, citizens informed choice of contraceptive measures implemented promptly inform the system, and adhere to the carrying out of the ring , pregnancy, disease screening, the implementation of the treatments for free, comprehensive birth control rate of 87%. Third, the implementation of family planning policy, no breach of statutory requirements, procedures, time limits for approval to give birth again, confusing illegal fertility policy categories and reproductive behavior is not timely filing, do not follow the prescribed standards, procedures and other people and things. Fourth, the social compensation fee levied according to law, not arbitrarily reduce the standard of conduct, the applicant know the total, pay the time, amount, and concluded the situation clearly and timely. village cadres not illegal collection of case , no corruption, misappropriation of behavior. incentives and rewards to help parents with only child in strict accordance with policies and regulations to implement, none of petitioners therefore cause instability.

September, Fruit of contract management, the villagers see the effectiveness of self-government

This year, I am fully in family planning and rural village self-government work, and actively implement contract management. Up to now, the township has introduced <<villager self-government rules>> 16, were signed <<Villagers contract>> 4200 copies, signed be married and unmarried youth family planning, youth contract 2350 copies, signed by 100%. through the active implementation of contract management, implementation of family planning by the "government official" to "by the people," the changes, people from the controlled object into a master planning, which greatly improved the people's enthusiasm and conscientiousness, the township Fu check rates increased by ten percentage points higher than in previous years, birth control rate of increase of fifteen percentage points, sex ratio at birth fell by twenty-six percentage points, prompting the township level has leapt to a new level of family planning. In the new year, I'll do individual work plans in 2010, striving to carry out all work better.

Family Planning Work Summary