Summary of family planning work in 2009

For the family planning personnel, do a good job summing up the work of the annual birth control is a very important work to do. In order to make us grasp the work of summing up how to write birth control, the following provides a summary of family planning work in 2009, for reference.
        In 2009, Bureau of family planning work, I adhere to the party's 17 guided by the spirit, thoroughly implement the scientific concept of development, family planning work into the important agenda, and to take effective measures, solid performing their functions, complete District, district government issued birth control various tasks. Now a person's work over the past year summary report are as follows:

        1, the basic situation of
        I Bureau of the existing staff of 49 people (including retired cadres, 12), of which 17 women of childbearing age: 1, married women of childbearing age, 12; 2, unmarried women of childbearing age 5.
        A clear work tasks, the responsibility of every level. First, adjusted birth control leading group. Council Leading Group for birth control by the Bureau of Party Secretary Li Cheng built the head of the Party Group members, deputy head of the discipline inspection team leader Yang Zhaowen, the stock rooms of premises is responsible for man-made member of the Board Office is responsible for the daily work of birth control, taking into account the work of Health funding for the implementation of the accountable system. Second is the development of the early arrangements. According to 'Youxian Population and Family Planning Bureau in 2009 major work' (Mian Tour Population Fa [2009] 6) the documentation requirements, combined with the departments in fact, carefully study and formulate a 'Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Justice 2 Youxian 00 points of the nine-year family planning '(Cotton Tour Division Fa [2009] 16) issued to the stock room of this Council, and will require careful implementation. Second, have signed letters of responsibility. Bureau of family planning with the beginning of shares, rooms and offices, signed by the 'Mianyang Municipal Bureau of Justice 2009 Youxian responsibility for family planning work in the book,' the implementation of family planning as a measure of performance accountability, incentive and appointing cadres in important the content of those held responsible for dereliction of duty, adhere to the accountability system for leading cadres, 'one-vote veto' system, the formation of leading officials personally take overall responsibility for leaders in charge specifically dealing with the stock room person in charge of common grasping, grasping at every level of implementation work pattern.
        2, to enhance quality education, enhance the awareness of birth control. Combination of 'the three main themes' practical activities and learning practice the scientific concept of development activities, regularly organizes all the cadres and workers to seriously study the central 'decision', 'The People's Republic of China Population and Family Planning Law' and other relevant laws, regulations and policies of family planning, and further enhance the the cadres and workers of the new ideas and focusing on marriage, childbearing and population and family planning work, sense of responsibility, sense of mission.
        3, standardized birth control work, good family planning work program, consolidate the basis of total health. First, February 23 organizational units and medical examination of married women of reproductive age, grasp loop situation, the situation of pregnancy; establish a sound family planning information card, the accounting work is complete, informative, accurate, and all kinds of reports timely, accurate reporting, the rate of family planning, female first marriage rate of late marriage, contraception and birth control measures to implement the rate, the one-child Accreditation rate reached 100%. The second is the implementation of late marriage and childbearing, to accompany their husbands leave and take birth control services to policy measures, the overall birth control cadres and workers involved in the work of the initiative further. I Bureau does not violate family planning policy, people and things.
        3, Lu-departmental responsibilities, effective birth control work clothes for the good service
        A good grasp of legal advocacy work to increase public awareness of family planning. Persist in the 'Population and Family Planning Law', 'family planning technical service management regulations', 'social maintenance fee collection management methods', 'floating population family planning management practices' such as birth control laws, regulations and national policies and regulations included in the annual Franco-Prussian education content closely with the District Population and Family Planning Board do a good job of population and family planning laws, regulations and related policies of the propaganda and education work to guide citizens to firmly establish the new concept of marriage and child rearing, family planning, the legal system effectively to raise public consciousness of the concept and practice of family planning, actively promote the management of family planning work in accordance with the law.
        2, do a good job of legal services for the protection of the legitimate rights and interests of family planning. Organization of lawyers, notaries and grassroots legal service workers positive for girls and birth families to provide legal advice and legal services, to seriously implement the relevant preferential policies, free of charge for single female heads of households and family planning to provide legal assistance to needy families, assigned with professional experience The legal service workers contracted to fully protect their legitimate interests. Over the past year, a total of as a single female heads of households and family planning, provide legal advice to needy families 8470 visits, legal aid 110, to avoid and recover economic losses 380,000 yuan.
        In the upcoming 2010, I will do individual work plans in 2010 to strive to carry out various tasks better.

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