2009 Work Summary of Health Pham Van Meter

This paper the work of the Department of Health concluded in 2009 dollars Fan, if you count health workers in summing up the work do not know how to write, could be that this is Pham Van reference. From summing up the work hope to master writing skills for their year-end to create a comprehensive summary.
        This year, my township's population and family planning work, in the county population and Family Planning Commission, under the strong guidance of, adhere to the 'Three Represents' important thought and the scientific development concept to guide the population and family planning work, firmly implement the Party's Shiliu Da, 10 the Sixth Plenary Session of the Sixth, tightly around the 'control the rapid population growth and improve the quality of births, optimizing population structure' the main task, a solid grasp 'a France 3 1 cases of regulation' and the city County 'on population and family planning work to further strengthen the views of' the spirit of implementing and deepening the comprehensive reform, speed up the establishment and improvement 'according to management, the villagers self-government, quality services, policies to promote integrated management of the' new working mechanism, and strive to build high - the quality of birth control cadres to actively explore a high standard of quality service model, scientific and standardized an efficient operational mechanism, comprehensively enhance the quality of work, and for the comprehensive well-off society to create a good population environment. Township birth rate of 98%; born in the natural population growth rate of 5

Family Planning Work Summary