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China is a large population of staff hide, for birth control. Do a good job of family planning work program and summary is very important. Summing up the work birth control how to write it? The following are a total summing up the work of Health Fan I hope you know how to write from summing up the work.
        I work in town, the town population and family planning committee, under the unified leadership of the Government, adhere to the 'Three Represents' important thought and the scientific development concept to guide the population and family planning work, closely around the control of excessive population growth, improve the quality of birth population optimize the population structure of this work objectives, to establish 'people-oriented, quality service' concept, the establishment of 'management according to law, according to the law of autonomy, quality service, policies to promote a comprehensive way' work mechanism, the construction of high-quality birth control cadres to receive a high standard of quality service model, standardized grass-roots level work, satisfactorily accomplished the goals of population and family planning work tasks. The following is a summary of family planning work in our region, please Leaders gave valuable advice.

        In 2008, the town resident population of 119.68 thousand, of which agricultural population of 38965 people, the non-agricultural population of 80715 persons, of married women of reproductive age resident population of 20799 people, 17462 women were a child, two children in 1973 were women, the multiple-birth of women 32. October 1, 2006 to October 30, 2007, the town were born in 831 people, including a child 731 people, two children 96 and multi-child four people, 815 people born in the scheme, family planning rate of 98.1%, to take birth control measures in an integrated 18646 married women of childbearing age, including a child when the annual rate of 92% of women, Sheung Wan, the town floating population 7223, of which flows to 1011 people, out of 6212 people, the application rate of 87.5%.

        First, earnestly implement the responsibility system for leaders and family planning target management responsibility system for population and family planning conscientiously strengthen leadership over the work

        In order to effectively strengthen the leadership over the work of family planning, so that family planning are implemented. First, always adhere to party and government leaders 'number one' personally take overall responsibility as the core objectives of management responsibility of family planning and family planning 'one-vote veto' system. The beginning of family planning work in time to convene town meetings, town government and village (neighborhood) and the various relevant departments signed letters of responsibility for family planning, management by objectives. Village (neighborhood) in accordance with the requirements of local management of family planning, held in this area of the total health work conference, so that the target clear, progressively responsible, responsibility to the people, the town and down-to-edge to form horizontal, vertical in the end the goal of management system. The second is to establish a compact town, and village (neighborhood) two health goals for management and supervision mechanisms into account, strict monitoring assessment, and implementation of 'one-vote veto' system. Assessment of family planning methods in accordance with the town of the village (neighborhood) to implement semi-annual and year-end inspection performance appraisal system, and focus on strengthening surveillance in peacetime. Family planning staff throughout the year out of at least 2 / 3 of the time in-depth village (neighborhood) to guide the work, identify problems and timely dispute, so that the work of a steady birth control compliance. Third, insist on regular birth control once a month. Through regular and timely review and exchange experiences, find problems, clearly define the future measures. Fourth, it is to strengthen the party and government leadership of the birth control work, sense of responsibility, meet regularly to the town and village (neighborhood) the principal leaders of the town to participate in family planning briefings to further enhance the party and government leadership of the family planning work seriously, the 'number one' personally attend to implement. 5 is the establishment of a high-quality birth control cadres. The village (neighborhood) and area units in female professionals do, and clearly in charge of the leadership has set up a contingent of birth control information workers.

        Second, earnestly implement the 'three main' to consolidate the basic work to improve the level of grass-roots level

        1, increase with 'Bill', 'Population and Family Planning Law', rewards help related knowledge as the main content of family planning propaganda. In 2007, we firmly around the full implementation of the 'three-based' approach, I always put family planning publicity and education on the first carry out a 'Hunyuxinfeng Households', 'Care for Girls' and so the theme of a series of rich in content and in various forms of propaganda and education activities. First, focus on the effect of publicity, and create a whole society that everyone concern and support for family planning work in a good atmosphere. The use of major holidays, election day in order to actively 'CPC Central Committee and State Council on the overall strengthening of co-ordination of population and family planning, the decision to solve the population problem', 'Bill', 'Population and Family Planning Law', AIDS prevention, scientific knowledge of contraception, birth control as the main content of the publicity campaign. School, the Communist Youth League adolescent health education activities carried out jointly with the departments concerned to carry out the one-child painting and calligraphy exhibition, the one-child speech competitions, and achieved very good results. Second, households usually face to face to strengthen advocacy, organizations devoted to dry, in-depth focus on family advocacy groups, so that the 'three-door', Ji Song 'CPC Central Committee and State Council on the overall strengthening of co-ordination of population and family planning, the decision to solve the population problem', 'Bill ',' Population and Family Planning Law 'door, door delivery of reproductive health knowledge, send contraceptives door. Third, the emphasis on publicity and education positions, give full play to the role of publicity and education positions, the town of family planning information on hundreds of thousands of copies published, posted distributed to village (neighborhood) farmers at home, for the village (neighborhood) customized promotional positions neat columns, reproductive Health topics bulletin boards, in addition to publicity through the creation of a fixed column, producing a permanent slogan, the masses of child-bearing age subtle education. Through advocacy, to further enhance the broad masses of family planning, awareness of child-bearing age to raise the consciousness of family planning.

        2, and strengthen the implementation of contraceptive measures to promote quality service. According to the needs of the masses, and actively carried out series of reproductive health services. Namely: pre-marital services, tracking services during pregnancy, lactation services, and three follow-up services, four service work, effective protection of citizen's rights to reproductive health, Family Planning Organization of the composition three times a year by the village of post-secondary classes free of charge to the general town conduct inspections of women of childbearing age diseases, check ring, search pregnant 'three search' work, and check the disease found in a timely treatment and the majority of child-bearing age by the masses alike. To go out and actively explore the focus of 'three check' service new ideas, to encourage the focus of return 'three check' feedback alone.

        3, support for the country's incentive policies for the timely and accurate masses of publicity, and timely handling of the examination and approval procedures. This year, I town is the third year of implementation of incentive support policies, family planning through television, newspapers, banners, and other major news media widely publicized incentives to help policy relevant knowledge. In addition, she organized a special dry-site distribution of promotional materials. Promptly increased the mass of the agricultural policies of awareness of this benefit. In approving the object stage, but also be a strict, precise, for an average of all objects in the town-site visits to investigate and verify up to six times to ensure that the object of each to help the accuracy, authenticity. At the same time, enhanced the total health status of work in the eyes of the masses the same time, launched the only child in the test points, and death of family assistance, child, daughter and other students helping needy families.

        Third, to further strengthen the management of floating population, improve the management of floating population level, do the annual work plan for family planning

        First, earnestly implement the 'joint and comprehensive grasp' floating population family planning management accountability, and further defined the responsibilities of various departments made clear who is who control the site, who control the property who will benefit who control principles, combination of 4-based management approach. The second is to strengthen the management of floating population who validation. To ensure that the rate of compliance holders validate, focused and on a regular basis to clean up the floating population, effectively strengthening the management of floating population. Third, to further improve the mobile population in check verification system, contract system, the mobile population, fertility pregnancy examination and approval system and search system, effective in promoting the standardization of management of floating population, improve the mobile population in management. Fourth, to actively explore the flow of family planning management, new roads, for the area, a certain number of empty units linked accounts, management is not in place of the long-standing problem, some units this year, the pilot, the air hanging units to conduct a comprehensive clean-up accounts, first publicized deadline re-registration, and then secured, communities, units, guarantor, object co-sign an agreement, the implementation of regular contacts and services.

        4, conscientiously implement the rule of two-ching a special action

        The first is to set up a class, and organizing to the town of deputy secretary of the mine is being honored as the head of the leaders in charge Tan Shizhong as deputy head of the family planning staff, the village (neighborhood) composed of professionals do the 'two-ching a governance' activities, special classes ; Second, a comprehensive clean-up in 2001 to illegal reproduction of various objects, the current total fertility target clean-up offense 48 people, including a child of 24, two tire 21, 3 child 3 to collect this purpose are 36 people, the amount of 113.6 thousand yuan, No 'two non' cases.
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Family Planning Work Summary