Community Family Planning Summary

The following is a summary of family planning work communities, Fan, Distinguished community health workers into account in preparing the work of summing up, it can be reference to learn, and hope that summing up the work from a taste of how to write.
        March community health work in the neighborhood of dollars Karamay City Family Planning Commission, the District Family Planning Commission under the care of the leadership of Victory Road in the street, under the direct leadership of the family planning office, we take Deng Xiaoping Theory and Jiang Zemin, general secretary of the 'Three Represents' important thought of the guidance thoroughly implement the central authorities 'decision' and 'Shiliu Da' Plan for the tasks set forth a comprehensive family planning and technology services, for the family planning work to better adapt to new forms of requirements, to achieve population control goals, and actively promote the family planning and reproductive health care services to ensure the smooth development of family planning work in order to protect and safeguard the fundamental interests of people of childbearing age and promote all-round human development as the starting point and ultimate goal of family planning work to a new level. First half of 2009 the work will now be summarized as follows:

        First, the demand of the masses as the starting point, a wide range of contraceptive birth control services

        Contraceptive services is to implement an important symbol of family planning services and the core content, Changzheng community committees, birth control team to the needs of the people of childbearing age as the starting point, according to the physiological characteristics of women of childbearing age to help them choose their own contraceptive methods, extensively conducted contraceptive services. Extensive implementation of informed choice of contraception and birth control. In the child-bearing age people 'informed' basis, and let them choose their own conditions and contraceptive measures, national guidance and choose to combine principles.

        Implement. Of married women of childbearing age on the drug follow-up once a month, right on the ring of married women of childbearing age follow-up once every quarter, while we are on the area, 25 seats on the 9th of the floating population Ling-e carried out 42 days post-partum follow-up, and sent the milk powder and other nutritional supplements, and family planning publicity materials, contraceptives, contraception, her advocacy of birth control measures, a reasonable choice of contraceptive methods, as well as the body had just given birth to prevent re-injury due to pregnancy and how infant feeding knowledge. In the new century and the first 3 '38' International Women's Day is approaching, in order to enrich and active community life of all women's festival inspire all area women to create a better life, passion, and vigorously promote the community of all women with the This paper from the secretary of the sound, massive fine for free articles, please visit www. network. com see Ju Jin, spirit, march community committees, birth control group and at 16 o'clock on March 7 in the community held a special service stations' population and planning Reproductive law 'knowledge and answer in his race, its purpose is to further promote the community culture, publicity and popularization of scientific and cultural knowledge, enhance communities, the majority of women comrades of legal awareness and ability to protect themselves and carry forward the new era of women's self-esteem, self-esteem, self-improvement, self-reliance spirit style, dedication of our female half of the role of our great motherland's prosperity and prosperity building blocks.

        Second, to carry out promotional and educational activities.

        Changzheng Community Neighborhood Committee birth control group made good use Hunyuxinfeng Households activity, wide publicity of various contraceptive methods, so that people of child-conscious understanding of reproductive health knowledge, the mastery of contraceptive methods of birth control measures to actively implement informed choice. At the same time play the role of the school population, from time to time the launching of contraceptive birth control 'informed choice' training, to the masses for family planning, reproductive health education, letting the people know how to implement the 'informed choice'. Some local post 'informed choice' wall charts, set up bulletin boards to regularly promote 'informed choice' policy and the relevant knowledge of contraception, birth control, contraception knowledge to spread to the masses, letting the people know 'educated youth choose' specific contents.

        Third, do a good job of family planning work plan, establish and improve the flow of family planning information, education, management, service 'four in one' a comprehensive service system.

        Changzheng Community Neighborhood Committee conscientiously implemented the Health Panel of dollars 'floating population family planning management approach', inflow and outflow of population, grasping, taking into account the health management and service focused, stormed the difficulties, work creatively, and actively explore the floating population management, education, services combining new ways to achieve a more significant results.

        1 is a standardized operation, concerted efforts

        Right out of the staff have to let out of family planning management and service staff know the requirements, while the signing of the contract out of family planning management of women of childbearing age.

        Right into the staff will first go to family planning into the land produce for examination 'marriage and child rearing that' the establishment of a person files a file management services to carry out into the staff and local residents with training, with the management, and the same service. The floating population and family planning work, not only have to manage the provision of services, and only in the management of the same time, in good faith for the broad masses of foreign child-bearing age to provide quality services in order to improve their awareness of family planning in order to make the floating population health management account toward a virtuous circle. May 20 afternoon, the march into account the community health team organized neighborhood within the community floating more than 30 people, carried out in community activities to celebrate the station 'Three-Priority' 20 anniversary of the forum.

        The main topic of this event is to commemorate the 'three main' working principles to promote the cause of the Population and Family Planning a steady and healthy development, adhere to Deng Xiaoping Theory and the 'Three Represents' important thought of the guide, fully implement the Party's Shiliu Da spirit, wide publicity to the work of China's population and family planning, brilliant achievements in the work we continue to enhance learning, and properly resolve好想 service that service will be services which continuously improve the level of birth control work for the comprehensive well-off society to create a favorable population environment. At the forum, we speak freely, the atmosphere is very warm, a floating population, said: living in the march district, we are very happy, namely, sexual health workers often come to us with a wide range of quality services, advocacy Child Policy, birth control , contraceptive knowledge, every large-scale community-based organizations activities, have been actively inviting us to participate, so we really feel the community entrusted to us by family, warmth and love, so that population and family planning truly benefit the people.

        In future work, we will learn from each other and do the second half of the work plan, the birth control work onto a new level.
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