Summary of family planning work in August

This article is summed up in August Fan of family planning work, only your reference, hope that we learned of summing up the work of family planning how to write.
        Recalling the past month, I have made three main areas of work, summing up the work now reported in August the following individuals, please provide you valuable advice and suggestions.
        First, the street in accordance with the second Jinghe family planning service activities focused on the requirements to meet the total health officer ranks of the Cervical the work I do a good job. We first analyzed the work of family planning of my living situation, family planning work plans, clear job responsibilities. Cervical and then stepped up publicity efforts, with the streets of family planning cadres, staff and packages home pregnant women of childbearing age conditions on the permittee to conduct a comprehensive clean-up inventory of all married women of childbearing age will be included in the scope of management, at present Cervical wind up has been crowned with success.
        Second, in conjunction with the municipal party committee organization department, municipal corporation, municipal Women's Federation in the organization in the non-public enterprises to carry out the 'party-build cohesion, and promote harmonious and scientific development' activities, a positive for my children, Xiangyu Ju City, party-build advice and suggestions. My comrades in the party branch and the home town to help children design layout and mass organizations of the Party building layout, and built a party-activity room and the production of numbers, the purchase of a file cabinet and learning log and, in the event room set up flags, organizational branch , trade unions, branch group, commission-related activities of Comrade build a mobilization meeting was held, plans to conduct 'vanguard party post', 'Youth Civilization' and other series of activities.
        Third, two committees of staff for the home computer, the characteristics of a lower level, obligations, teaching computer literacy for everyone, mainly WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, WPS and other office software applications and send and receive messages, and take the lead senior managers participated in distance education examination registration, the use of trivial and time to study distance education knowledge, towards the adoption of next month's Distance Education examination.
        August's job is busy, and August's work is also substantial. Due to lack of work experience and working methods of the improper work hard to avoid the existence of such deficiencies as inevitably has also taken some detours, but fortunately, there is concern superiors, two committees of abode in the leadership and support of my colleagues, I have a smooth walked over. In future work, I have full confidence it will definitely do a good job in September work plan, subject to the leadership, unity and comrades, strenuously working to fulfill its duties, with the greatest efforts to be a qualified assistant director.
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