Elementary school teacher Pham Van individual work summary

Education since the advent of this post, I have always been diligent, steadfast attitude towards my work, with 'morality' regulate their own education and teaching in order to 'be a good teacher' as their work motto in my field of teaching elementary level teachers to perform duties, I am also trying to do hard work, progressive years, now personal work summary report is as follows:

First, strengthen ethics cultivation, improve moral quality

Over the past few years, I served as primary school language teaching. In practice, I seriously strengthen ethics cultivation, improve the moral qualities. I conscientiously study Marxism-Leninism-Mao Zedong Thought and Deng Xiaoping Theory, with the 'xxxx' the important thought of their own minds; seriously study the 'Compulsory Education Law', 'Teacher Law,' 'Teacher Code of Ethics' and other education laws and regulations; strict accordance with the 'ambitious, responsible, self-motivated,' 'love school, love, love life,' 'unity, cooperation, dedication, courage to explore and aggressive' requirement to regulate their own behavior. Treatment of students do: democracy and equality, fair and reasonable, strict requirements, teach patience; towards colleagues do: unity, cooperation, mutual respect, friendly coexistence; treat parents do: the initiative to coordinate, positive communication; treat yourself to: strict law has set an example for others. I actively participate in various learning and training, good business notes, conscientiously participate in political studies. I also know that to educate students, teachers must themselves be the rate, always do teaching, words and deeds, a teacher, with their own personality, behavior to infect students, trying to make students and parents to accept me, like me . As a teacher's own moral character image you want to keep in mind, I draw attention to their image at the same Biao attaches great importance to comprehensive training for students. Because I am convinced that good conduct is the most beautiful thing each person, the social climate for students and I put this small students' moral climate, aesthetic work into the most important position. At work, I am positive, active, diligent, responsible, strong, willing to accept the school arranged the work; I also focus on cultural learning, self-study, Hubei University of Chinese language specialist and professional undergraduate. In constant learning, trying to make their ideological consciousness, theoretical level, operational capabilities have been improved rapidly.

Second, to strengthen teaching theoretical study, solid teaching skills needed to train

In teaching, I strive to strengthen educational theory study and improve the teaching level. To improve the quality of teaching, the key is Shanghao lesson. To Shanghao lesson, I do the following tasks:

1, class preparation: prepare lessons. Conscientiously study new curriculum ideas, study materials. Understand the basic idea of ​​teaching the basic concepts, structure, important and difficult to grasp the logic of knowledge. Students' knowledge and skills to understand the quality of the original, their interests, needs, methods, habits, learning new knowledge which might be difficult to take the appropriate facilities.

Consider teachings have mastered how to solve the textbook to teach students, including how to organize teaching, how to organize the activities of each lesson.

2, the classroom situation. Organize the classroom, all the students attention, pay attention to feedback, to mobilize the students' attention, it remained relatively stable. At the same time, to stimulate students 'emotions, so that they have a pleasant state of mind, to create a good classroom atmosphere, classroom language concise, ask questions in class for all students, pay attention to arouse students' interest in learning, combining classroom speaking reading, good layout homework, reduce the burden of students.

3, to improve the quality of teaching, but also do a good job after school job. Elementary students love animals, fun, lack of self-control, and some can not finish the job, and some copying operations, for this problem, we should grasp the ideological education of students, and to carry out this work to the study guide for students to go, but also do a good job counseling and help students to learn, particularly in the transformation of underachievers on the underachiever strive for friendly and started from, for example, shook his hand, and help organize clothes. Praise from the start, all of whom are eager to get other people's understanding and respect, therefore, and poor students when talking about his situation, the idea expressed deep understanding and respect. For less advanced students, taught me patience, encourage them.

4 students good habits and study habits. No matter what is with what grade classes, I have caught students habit, a good habit decisions for a child's life. Good habits decide character is good, good good character determines destiny, fate decided on a good life. Good habits brought the class, students become accustomed to natural. This helps their teaching.

In order to continue to improve their teaching standards, an experienced teacher to learn, I try to listen to other teachers lesson to learn from them a good education theories, methods, make up for their shortcomings in the teaching process of the Department. Each lesson in class in order to get on the vivid, lively and efficient, so that students feel in the beautiful language of life, in life, learning the language, be patient with each student questions. I truly love my every student on each lesson. Focus on the students' reading ability. A few years later, I teach classes, significantly increased student achievement, each school test scores have reached the standards of excellence, has been teachers, parents at home.

As a teacher, teaching is my basic work, and teaching and learning is a process of interaction, teaching high school, learning to teach in order to achieve their own progress in business and leap. Into the 21st century, the implementation of quality education for teachers of higher quality requirements in the future of education and teaching, I will be strict with themselves, do a good job teaching the work plan, work hard, promote the advantages, pioneering and reflection, for a better tomorrow sacrifice their own strength.

Third, strengthen education teaching and research, improving education research capacity

Implementation of the language quality of education, pointed out the direction for educational reform. In the teaching process, I found some new problems, the use of quality educational point of view, to analyze these problems, through teaching summed put forward their views and opinions, and from a theoretical point of view be sublimated. My teaching process, and more emphasis on identifying emerging issues and solve new problems, in order to quality education as the starting point, the arguments put forward recommendations were also more in line with objective reality, has some practical value. Actively teaching writing papers, there are many papers award. As a Chinese studio long I participate in the 'Students as good study habits study ways and means' from the reality of their teaching, research student cases for students. Research 'cultivate interest in language learning students' focus to literacy education, reading instruction, reading instruction and composition teaching and research center, to improve their teaching and research capabilities.

I deeply understand: a new century, the people of teachers, engineers of human souls, shouldering great historical mission and future of historical responsibility. In order to fulfill our mission worthy of their own conscience in order, I can only teaching this piece of land, to be more diligent. With their own efforts strive and work hard, go go 'candle ashes tears dry, Till death do us part.'

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