2013 Middle School English Teaching Job Summary essay

9,10 classes this semester as a high school English teaching work, which is the last semester of the third year, time is short, heavy task. This semester, I get to know the students more actively, to find out the students' learning foundation for a better 'individualized.' In teaching seriously preparing lessons, classes, lectures, observation and evaluation, and timely correcting homework, commenting on the job, good job after school, broad range of all kinds of knowledge, formed a relatively complete knowledge structure, demanding students, respect for the students, develop teaching democracy so that students learning anything, so as to continuously improve their teaching and ideological consciousness, and the successful completion of education and teaching tasks. The following summary of the work on teaching this semester are as follows:

First, carefully study the new curriculum reform of college entrance relevant documents and information on the latest

With the entrance approaching, serious study the new curriculum reform spirit and replenish the latest information on the college entrance examination, especially in the last precious this time is very important. At the same time, but also actively participate in school undertaken study of political theory, and actively participate in school-based training, to seriously study the new educational theory, to update the educational philosophy, and constantly improve their own spiritual cultivation, political integrity and professional and cultural level.

Second, actively listening to the open class, drawing a good experience

Actively participate in a variety of schools and teaching and research organization lectures, observation and evaluation activities, with an open mind to peer learning teaching methods, to learn their advanced teaching methods, absorbing, improve their standard of English teaching.

Third, a lot of practice to promote students' basic knowledge of the consolidation and capabilities.

Textbook review is the key to improving students' ability. From the beginning of school textbook knowledge that is serious and summarized in the form of learning by practicing feedback. Mainly around the city simulation papers, carefully grasp the teaching work in the practice session.

Fourth, expand reading, English ability.

Extracurricular reading is essential. To provide students with two URLs: one is the 21st Century, one is china daily. Site balanced news, entertainment, technology, campus, and many other authentic Essay content. In addition to increasing the amount of reading students can also put some wonderful articles as essay to recite. This not only improves the students' interest in learning, but also enrich and expand the horizons of students.

Fifth, carefully marking students' English writing, recommend students to good works.

This semester is nearly a dozen students 'English writing critiqued individually several times, mainly to improve their writing skills, to a certain extent, encouraged students' English learning initiative.

Six, incentive eugenics encourage epigenetic

After entering high school, some students in the Asian state of tension, so the usual ideological education has also become one of the priorities in education. Students use their spare time for this part of the planned work of ideological education and counseling, while paying attention to protect and mobilize the enthusiasm of students at all levels of the students to the review stage, learning tasks are arduous, pressure from all sides, the teachers care and Students should be encouraged to have the most impact on the whole still achieved good results.

In short, the third year of this school year of experience for my future reference provides a lot of teaching English, I understand that I have achieved this semester teaching achievements not the most important, it is important in the future how to self-improvement.

Class Work Summary