Pham Van summary of the work of school teachers

Firmly establish "national policy" consciousness, do a solid job of "birth control"

The beginning of the school year, we conscientiously study issued by the District Education Bureau << District Education Bureau XX annual population target management responsibility >> set up a head of by Yuan Changchun principals, school secretary Cai Dan is in charge of the leadership, workers Zhu, director of lining cloud planning director of the school of family planning work leading group, the establishment of assuming responsibility, to clarify their respective responsibilities, and signed letters of responsibility. responsibility objectives, performance goals as the purpose of the work, every task, every policy, every one of the requirements have been implemented into practice.

Coating of our school teachers, their family is his baby, but had a daughter, is not too happy, do not want to do the one-child certificate., We communicate with each other in order to let him untie the knots of the heart, in different voices, and finally let him be harvested.

Received the notice of the District People's Government Office forwarded >> << Wuhan City workers maternity insurance scheme, serious discussion, and the female faculty explain to mobilize female faculty members as long-acting contraceptive ring. Patiently explain the long-term contraceptive the benefits and condoms for contraception may be dangerous. Liu Fang teacher frail physique, not far behind the initiative on the ring under her influence, the vast majority of female faculty who voluntarily Sheung Wan, and said that in order not to affect the teaching, delayed to the holidays. female faculty who worry about their work, happy life, we timely condoms sent to the hands of female faculty who, in their drawer.

In order to implement the planning work, in accordance with the requirements of family planning by the District Education Bureau, the Wu San-small is not for the post of teachers was a real situation, determine the the teacher Li Honghua focus tracking objects. 15th of each month to ask her to school in a timely manner in completing the table, and asks her physical condition, the promotion of family planning policies, regulations and her own peace of mind recuperate Never second child.

Harmonious campus needs "law"

To the teachers half a day, sitting in the conference room to learn << Marriage Law >> << female faculty Protection Ordinance >> << Women's Law >>, << China Women's Development the Outline >> and << women and children rights protection law >> and other laws and regulations, I think little effect, and rote nothing. teachers both learn and get a good grasp of legal knowledge, we have taken as a group in the form of learning. to hair examination papers, statistics and analysis of the test scores of each group. female workers carried out by the District Women Committee in legal knowledge contest in the school to carry out the activities of the "harmonious campus needs" school Zhang Zhou, Hu Xiujuan, Li Na, three teachers particularly prominent, elected to the District to participate in the competition of the good results of the preliminaries, ready to participate in the final.

Sixth-grade girls, we do a "self-protection you know how many" survey, the result is a certain degree of awareness, but do not know how to protect sixth-grade girls at puberty, if you do not know how to little knowledge of the law, it is possible to be deceived. squad time on a Friday afternoon, the whole school in the sixth grade girls heart counseling adolescent girls how to protect themselves, "an official from Shenzhen obscene little girls event it comes to practical examples of our lives, from Qidong City, a 50-year-old old man utterly devoid of conscience obscene case of a girl comes to know who talked about how developmental characteristics of adolescent girls and their physical condition protect themselves, the students seriously, nervous, excited, expression once again told me that they need the law to give them the backing they need to use the law to protect themselves, they need our concern and care of the adult.

Third, a good atmosphere is the premise of harmony

Annual commemoration of "38", is the highlight of our female faculty work in order to meet the arrival of the "38", we want to work together a lot of good way to achieve the best results in the shortest time, a surprise to the faculty who .

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